What is the Cast of One Tree Hill Up to Now?


One Tree Hill burst onto the scene in 2003 making a lot of people very famous. The show was about a group of kids living their lives, and it was a hit for more than a decade even though it took a lot of turns, changed over the years and introduced its fair share of real life drama. The main cast members of the show were the biggest stars of the decade while the show was on television, and we have to say that most of them have done quite well for themselves since their time as hit television stars ended in 2012. Want to know what some of the main cast has been up to? We have all that information for you right here.

chad michael murray

Chad Michael Murray

He was Lucas Scott on the hit show, and he’s been quite busy since he left the show. He was engaged to an extra from the set for more than seven years before they called it quits. Now he is the husband to another actress, Sarah Roemer, and the father of a little one they welcomed not long after getting married in 2015. He’s been in many different movies and even television shows in the past few years, and he’s probably one of the more famous cast members to come out of the show since the series ended.

james lafferty

James Lafferty

The man behind Nathan Scott is now working as a producer and playing basketball when he has a chance. He is in post-production for a couple of movies at the moment, and he’s even working on a show called Underground right now, though we don’t know if it will continue or if this is his only year on the show. He’s unmarried, though he did spend three years dating Bono’s daughter until 2015.

sophia bush

Sophia Bush

She was Brooke Davis on the hit show, and now she’s taking a break from Hollywood. She hasn’t been cast in anything since 2015 when she had a guest appearance on Chicago Med, and she hasn’t been in a movie since 2012. That was a short film, but she’s been busy with other projects in the meantime. She’s had a number of tragedies hit her hard in the past few years, beginning when her 9-year-old cousin was shot and killed in an assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. She also dated Dan Fredinburg from Google who was killed in Nepal in 2015 while climbing Mt. Everest. She is currently single with no kids.

bethany joy lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz

She played Haley James Scott for many years, even pregnant with her first child during on season. Since the show ended, she’s divorced her husband and gone on to star in a number of films. She’s also landed a number of guest appearances on hit shows on television including shows like Life Unexpected, CSI, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and American Gothic.

hilarie burton

Hilarie Burton

She was Peyton Sawyer in the hit show, and she’s done well for herself since the show ended. She has started her own business, divorced her husband, began a relationship with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, given birth to their first child, starred as a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy and she’s been in a number of different televisions shows. She’s also directing and producing at the moment, too.

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