20 Celebrities Who Have Buffalo Hump

Johnny Cash

Have you ever heard of a condition called buffalo hump? It’s actually known by a couple of different names in addition to the aforementioned moniker. Two of the most popular are dowager’s hump and neck hump. It refers to a deposit of fatty tissue between the shoulders at the base of the neck, often causing the shoulders to appear rounded or the neck to appear distended. Surprisingly, this is a condition that is caused by a number of different medical issues, one of the most common being an exposure to corticosteroids. Oddly enough, the condition can occur because of a few different common reasons. One of them refers to experiencing such high levels of stress that cortisol is almost constantly coursing through one’s bloodstream, thereby changing the very hormone levels of a person’s body on a permanent basis. It’s also interesting to note that when people suffer from the condition, they have a tendency to suffer from a number of other health problems as well, not the least of which involves cardiovascular disease. That’s because high levels of cortisol don’t just cause deposits of fatty tissue. They also elevate heart rate and blood pressure. When this occurs on a regular basis, it can start to cause life-threatening issues.

Celebrities Who Suffer from Buffalo Hump

It’s also worth noting that individuals who have to take high levels of steroids in order to combat inflammation throughout the body are far more likely to develop a condition called Cushing’s syndrome, which includes buffalo hump as one of its hallmark symptoms. It might interest you to know that there are a number of celebrities who suffer from the condition because of hereditary issues, issues with cortisol or because of bad posture. 20 of them are listed below.

Alyssa Milano

1. Alyssa Milano

A lot of people will remember actress Alyssa Milano from her days on the CW television show “Charmed,” which ran in the 1990s. At the time, she was considered one of the most physically attractive celebrities working in Hollywood. The thing that a lot of people didn’t know is that she not only suffers from dowager’s hump, sometimes also referred to as buffalo hump, but that she also suffered from horrible posture. This posture only proved to worsen the condition and was something that she eventually had to work on diligently in order to try and correct to the best of her ability.

Jennifer Hudson

2. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is well known as both a singer and an actress. She’s also been lauded for her physical beauty. The truth is, most people are completely unaware that she suffers from the condition. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to equate buffalo hump with people who are severely overweight, but that isn’t always the case. As in Hudson’s case, many people who suffer from the condition are actually at a perfectly healthy weight, yet they are also dealing with this issue that can have rather dramatic issues on their posture and skeletal health as they age.

Halle Berry

3. Halle Berry

Halle Berry is another popular actress in Hollywood that has been working for a number of years. Throughout that time, she has worked on dozens upon dozens of different jobs, both for television and for the big screen. It’s a condition that she has been dealing with for several years now, one that gets progressively worse with age. However, she combats the condition with exercises and focuses on correct posture. For her, these things seem to be working.

Emma Watson

4. Emma Watson

Who doesn’t remember actress Emma Watson as the charming girl who essentially grew up filming the “Harry Potter” movies? Her character, Hermione, was only rivaled in both skill and intelligence by Potter himself. Unfortunately, she’s always suffered from a habit of slouching and her poor posture eventually caused her to develop this condition. There’s also a chance that there might be some hereditary issues involved here and that the poor posture only exacerbated something that was already going on.

Justin Bieber

5. Justin Bieber

Again, most people don’t think about someone as thin as Justin Bieber having buffalo hump. However, it’s fairly easy to see the condition on Bieber whenever he removes his shirt. Like most individuals suffering from the condition, it’s something that is likely to get worse over time. In his case, it’s also pushing his head forward at a rather extreme angle. This is also something that is likely to become more noticeable as he ages.

Kim Kardashian

6. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is another celebrity who is notorious for having horrible posture. It might be easy to think that her condition is hereditary, but she seems to be the only person in the family who suffers from it. It’s much more likely than her case, it’s almost exclusively caused by years upon years of slouching. Fortunately, that also means that it might be easier to correct, provided she doesn’t allow it to continue unabated for much longer.

Ronda Rousey

7. Ronda Rousey

Even those who don’t follow MMA fighting know who world-renowned fighter and actress Ronda Rousey is. Many people consider her to be the epitome of physical fitness, yet she also suffers from this condition. From a visual standpoint, it isn’t as noticeable on her because buffalo hump involves fat deposits and she has a very low body fat ratio. That said, it is possible to see it if you know what to look for. Considering her fitness routine and her posture, it’s probably something that she has been dealing with for the majority of her life.

Vin Diesel

8. Vin Diesel

Again, people don’t tend to equate buffalo hump with people who are extremely fit and Vin Diesel is frequently down to approximately 1% body fat. Nevertheless, he suffers from the condition and has for a number of years. In fact, it’s relatively easy to see it whenever he is shooting a scene where he doesn’t have a shirt on. In his case, as is in the case of some other individuals, the deformity has affected his spine to the point that it’s also pushing his head slightly forward.

Tom Hardy

9. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has been known to say that he hates working out because it causes him an unbelievable amount of pain in between his shoulders and in his neck. That’s largely because he also suffers from this condition and it is pushing his head forward at such an extreme level that it’s pain-inducing. While exercise is almost always a good thing, individuals who suffer from this condition sometimes have to be careful with the types of exercises that they do, especially when it comes to weight lifting.

Jessica Biel

10. Jessica Biel

Although her career has seemingly slowed down a little compared to how much she worked at the height of her popularity, actress Jessica Biel is still widely regarded as not only a skilled actress, but one of the most beautiful individuals in Hollywood. Unfortunately, she also suffers from the condition. It isn’t known whether hers is perpetuated by bad posture or if the condition has been present since she was much younger.

Cameron Diaz

11. Cameron Diaz

This is another actress that has made a name for herself in Hollywood for a number of years. People have openly commented on her beauty a number of times. The things that most people didn’t realize is that throughout the entire time, she was suffering with the condition. For a time, she was apprehensive about letting anyone know what she was going through but eventually, she warmed up to the idea of sharing her issues with others in hopes of inspiring other people to do what they can to fight the condition.

Jennifer Aniston

12. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has long been known as an individual who not only enjoys acting, but actively focuses on her health. More specifically, she has a tendency to focus on her health through the utilization of natural wellness routines, as she isn’t a fan of many of the techniques that are commonly used in Western medicine. She too suffers from the condition but she has been managing it with exercises specific to the condition as well as yoga and being mindful of her posture.

Miley Cyrus

13. Miley Cyrus

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus suffers from a number of health conditions, unfortunately. One of those conditions involves buffalo hump. It isn’t something that she talks about readily, but it is something that she does have to deal with. For her, the condition is fairly minor, so it isn’t as noticeable as it is with some other individuals who suffer from it. That said, it doesn’t mean that she won’t have to deal with the condition or complications that result from it as she gets older.

Kate Middleton

14. Kate Middleton

Before Kate Middleton was famous for marrying into British royalty she was an American actress. Most people have no idea that she also suffers from buffalo hump. She doesn’t tend to discuss her condition with people readily and as a result, it’s something that she’s managed to keep more or less to herself for a number of years.

Taylor Swift

15. Taylor Swift

When people think of Taylor Swift, they think of someone that sings a lot of songs and tends to sing about her relationships. She’s been in the public spotlight since she was a child. She also suffers from buffalo hump but as is the case with a number of people on this list, it isn’t something that is so severe that it’s readily apparent at this particular point in time. In her case, it is perpetuated by a tendency to slouch whether she’s sitting or standing as opposed to using appropriate posture.

Betty White

16. Betty White

A lot of people might not realize that the late great actress, Betty White, also suffered from this condition as she got older. In her case, it wasn’t something that happened until much later in life but when it did happen, it actually changed her physical appearance. This happens a lot with individuals who develop the condition when they get older. Her shoulders appeared to become more rounded and as the condition worsened, it actually made her neck look shorter because it was causing it to be distended.

Alfred Molina

17. Alfred Molina

At the moment, people have a tendency to think of the Spider-Man movies when they think of Alfred Molina. After all, he has been associated with more than one film and he is in the most recent film, meaning that his name has been in the spotlight a lot as of late. However, it’s also worth knowing that he too suffers from buffalo hump, a condition that he has battled for a number of years now.

Maggie Smith

18. Maggie Smith

It’s true, the woman who is set to star in the upcoming “Downton Abbey” film also suffers from buffalo hump. Much like Betty White, it is a condition that has affected her as she has gotten older. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens as a person ages and conditions like arthritis set in, as it causes a literal change in the shape of the spine.

Dame Judi Dench

19. Dame Judi Dench

You might not realize it, but Dame Judi Dench also suffers from buffalo hump. She has for a number of years. Even during her heyday as “M” for Daniel Craig’s 007 movies, it was readily apparent and it’s something that has gradually gotten more so over the years. Nevertheless, she is determined not to allow it to slow her down and she has continued to work and be involved with countless numbers of activities despite that or anything else that might try to get in her way.

Johnny Cash

20. Johnny Cash

A lot of people don’t realize that the late singer Johnny Cash also suffered from the condition. It was something that he suffered with for the majority of his adult life, but it got worse as he aged. At the time of his death, it was something that was easily recognizable as it was made worse by arthritis and other conditions associated with advanced age.

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