10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jules Wainstein

jules wainstein

We just adore those New York City housewives; they make the world go round. They are some of the most hilarious, most inappropriate and most fun group of women on television. Newbie Jules Wainstein was a perfect choice to add to the new season, and we have about a million reasons why she makes a perfect addition to the show. For one, a real housewife should be stunning. Check. Secondly, they should have a big personality. Check. Finally, when you Google the name of a real housewife, you should see that there is a lot of juicy gossip on the internet – it’s what makes people interesting. After all, who wants to watch the real lives of boring women? They tried that in Miami, remember?

Julianne Wainstein meets all of our personal criteria for a perfect housewife, and she’s been making waves all season. The NYC socialite allows her friends to call her Jules, and her life seems to have hit a crazy patch since news broke she’d been turned into a reality star. If you haven’t been paying attention, we want to tell you all about how entertaining she is.

She’s from Hong Kong

Jules Wainstein is a striking beauty, and it’s pretty obvious she has amazing genes. Of course, she was born in Hong Kong thanks to her father’s work in the fashion industry. We have no idea, however, whether or not she is part Asian or if she was just born there because her family was living there at the time. Either way, with all that gorgeous dark hair, she wouldn’t have an issue fitting in as a Hong Kong resident if she found it something interesting to do.

She’s a mother

Her kids are young, and that makes her one of the only NYC housewives with small kids. Most of the women on the show have teens or kids even older than that, but she and Bethenny Frankel have it in common to have toddlers running around. Jules Wainstein has to little ones, and we do love their names. She has sons Rio and Jagger. How cool are they already? They are 2 and 5, respectively, and we are already worried we picked the wrong names for our own kids. After all, we all want moves like Jagger.

She’s not so happily married

When she began filming her reality show, Jules Wainstein was on top of the world. She was married to her husband since 2008, they have two small kids and they travel the world together. She was happy at the time, but it appears that she’s not so happily married now as her husband was caught with another woman. She is now divorcing him and living quite happily ever after on her own because of it.

Her husband’s mistress is also married

It’s been reported that the woman who has been out and about with Michael Wainstein is actually a married woman. Her name is Elyse Bensusan, and her husband is quite the important man about town in New York City. He is the owner of several nightclubs and restaurants around the city, and they are apparently also separated at the moment. Of course, that happens when you are seeing someone else behind your spouse’s back.

She never suspected her husband

It turns out that Jules Wainstein did not have a clue that her husband was seeing someone else, though some of the women who were on television with her claimed that they knew ahead of time. Bethenny Frankel claims she knows that Jules’ husband was having an affair and that Jules also knew. Jules’ longtime friend Dorinda Medley, however, says that’s not the truth and that her good friend had no idea about her husband.

She’s been accused of being violent

Jules Wainstein might have a bit of a temper and she might not like to hold back when she’s upset, but she’s not someone we would think of as an abusive woman. However, her husband claims that she physically abused him earlier this year. It’s sad, but we do have to say that if she did, it was probably because she just learned he was cheating on her and she lost her cool (and no, we don’t condone that) or else he made it up to make her look bad in the press so that he might look just a little bit better.

She loves fashion

Her father was in fashion, she worked in fashion, too, and she loves anything and everything that has to do with fashion. Jules Wainstein is a woman who knows that fashion is important to her, and she likes to make sure she has a chance to be as fashionable as possible as often as possible.

She loves party planning

There was a time when she worked as an even planner for a company in New York. She really loved it, and she was quite good and throwing parties, using her socialite personality to help her make connections, and to help her make her clients happy. She did well in her career, but she decided to leave it all behind for babies.

She went to FIT

Once she was finished with high school, Jules Wainsten knew that she wanted to do something with her life. She made the decision to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she graduated and began working in the fashion industry. Her first job was with a small designer boutique in SoHo as an assistant buyer. She really loved that job, but she had more things to do with her life.

She’s philanthropic

One thing that Jules Wainstein likes to do is give back. She’s made is her mission in life to work with different charities and organizations that work to keep the people in New York in need of help, helped. Some of her favorite charities include raising money for local schools and for the women who need it most in their lives; and she works quite hard for them.

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