10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jade Roper

jade roper

Sometimes it’s just difficult to find love when you’re looking in all the wrong places. And no offense to the people who actually make it work when they meet on reality television, but we have to go there and say that we think it might be the wrong-est of wrong places to meet the ove of your life. I mean, really. Jade Roper knows all about finding love on national television. She was a contestant on the Bachelor at one time, but she did not win. Then she was invited to paradise last summer to find love with other former bachelors and bachelorettes, and she hit it off immediately with a man by the name of Tanner Tolbert. They got married, they became famous, and now they are moving back to reality television.

It seems that all is not well in paradise with the two as they are about to appear on Marriage Boot Camp Season 6 of the reality star version. Is that an indication that there is an issue between these two, or is it an indication that they simply want to make more money on reality television or get their names in the press once again? They did seem pretty rock solid, and they’ve not been married all that long. It does make us want to get to know her a bit more, though.

Their marriage issues might not be real

The couple is currently only married about six months, they’re building a home together and they seem as happy as can be. Perhaps their marriage boot camp appearance is just a ploy. There has been some talk that Jade Roper might write a book and perhaps the couple’s PR people know that if they keep them in the spotlight as long as possible, they can work this angle to make them more famous and worth more money.

She’s a makeup kind of girl

When she became famous, Jade Roper did not decide to simply sit back and let the world pass her by. No, instead she made the decision to sit back and allow the world to let her make some serious money off of them. She’s now running her own cosmetics company called Natural Jade Cosmetics. It’s a pretty cool job for her.

She’s not traditional

She and her husband did not do things the traditional way. The night before their wedding when most couples make the decision to split up and spend the night with friends or family preparing for the following day, these two made the decision to stay together and hoped that they could actually spend their time together that night. It was nice for them, and they appreciated it.

They had former reality friends in their wedding

These two didn’t just make kind-of friendships when they were on reality television or when they were in paradise. They made real friends and real relationships with people that they met thanks to the show. There were three men that each had a role in the wedding that are good friends of Tanner’s thanks to the show. Carley even got to be a bridesmaid and even wrote a song for the couple when they were celebrating their big day.

She’s charitable

Not only does Jade Roper get to run her own business, she does something pretty cool with $1 of each sale. She donates it to the Festival of Hope. It’s a charitable foundation that works to support women with cancer for their expenses than have nothing to do with their cancer. So, let’s say that a woman with cancer loses her job because she can’t work anymore and she has to pay for her mortgage or groceries; that’s what this fund pays for.

Her makeup line is all natural

If Jade Roper is one thing, it’s a definite natural beauty. She has a lovely face, beautiful skin and she’s never one to seem as though she’s totally and completely overdone in terms of her makeup. She likes things natural, so it would make sense she wants to have a natural makeup line that allows women to do their faces without chemicals.

She went to culinary school

Before she was involved in reality television and in makeup and other jobs she seems to have held throughout the course of her young life, Jade Roper was a culinary school student. She enjoys cooking and being in the kitchen, which is something we all kind of enjoy. If by cooking and being in the kitchen you mean storing wine in the kitchen and getting wine glasses and sipping.

She went through horrible things growing up

When Jade Roper was only 16, she was sexually assaulted by a group of boys at a party. They held her against her will and they kept her at their home until they were finished with her, and then they drove her home when her parents weren’t there and basically dumped her off. It was traumatic for her.

She never told anyone

Despite being raped by multiple young men growing up, she never told anyone. She kept it in the dark from even her own family, and she didn’t want to talk about it. She was afraid that they would think she was an awful person or that no one would care and they would assume that she brought this upon herself. She made the decision to keep it to herself until 2016 when she finally opened up about her past after seeing Lady Gaga perform.

Lady Gaga responded to her

She might not be of Lady Gaga fame, but it was the singer who inspired Jade Roper to open up about her own past with sexual assault and what happened to her. When she did, Lady Gaga made it a point to open up to her on social media and tell her that she is a warrior and that she is thankful for her for opening up and making it known to the world that women need to stand up for themselves.

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