Garcelle Beauvais: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Stars of film and television always capture the attention of the public. It is very interesting to learn about their personal lives and backgrounds. For some of these stars, acting is a career that they pursued from the outset, perhaps even as children. For others, however, acting can be a natural outgrowth of a passion for performing, entertaining, and expressing their artistic side.

Such is the case with the beautiful and talented Garcelle Beauvais. The Haitian-American actress has had a long career that has seen successes in a wide variety of areas. Her early acting career saw her appear in Miami Vice, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Family Matters. However, she may be best known for her highly popular role as the love interest on The Jamie Foxx Show. More recently, she has appeared on shows like NYPD Blue. Her current project will see her appear in the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

Although her career has spanned several decades and brought her a great deal of success, many people know her only for her acting ability. This is unfortunate, because Beauvais is a very interesting and multi-dimensional person. In order to better understand how her upbringing and personality have shaped her career, here are ten of the most interesting facts about Garcelle Beauvais.

10. She has her own line of children’s jewelry

While best known for her popular acting work, Beauvais has used her artistic abilities to complement her entrepreneurial spirit. In 2013, she launched her own line of children’s jewelry. Her brand is named Petit Bijou. This launch featured appearances from her own children and other celebrity parents like Melissa Joan Hart. It speaks to Beauvais’ reputation that she was able to have a star-studded launch for such a niche project.

9. Television was important to her as a child

Some actors and actresses pursue acting because it is a career with the possibility for great fame and fortune. Others, however, have a deeper connection to acting. For Beauvais, television was one of the main ways that she learned to adapt to the US after moving from Haiti as a child.

When she first arrived in the US at age 7, she spoke only French. Watching Sesame Street on TV helped her to learn English, which was instrumental in becoming comfortable in her new home.

8. She has studied to improve her craft

While surely a natural talent, Beauvais has also dedicated time and effort into improving as an actress. Even more impressive is the fact that she studied after already finding success in the industry. In 1995, Beauvais found herself out of a job after Models, Inc. was cancelled. It was at this point that she decided to train at the renowned LA acting school The Groundlings. It is very impressive that she would have the humility to continue studying even after landing several professional acting jobs.

7. She is dedicated to staying fit

The same humility and work ethic that drove Beauvais to study acting also has kept her in remarkable shape. The stunning actress, who turns 50 on November 26, looks incredible for her age. The secret to her health has been a balanced diet and regular exercise. She has stated that she is not overly rigid with her diet, but eats good food most of the time. As well, she enjoys resistance training, yoga, and Pilates.

6. Garcelle Beauvais Net Worth

With an acting career that has seen consistent success since the 1980s, it is no surprise that Beauvais has amassed a respectable net worth. Current estimates have her wealth at around $6 million. The bulk of this sum has come from her acting work, although she has also had a highly successful career in other industries as well. With her upcoming role in the new Spider-Man movie, her net worth will surely continue to rise.

5. She has had two marriages end in divorce

Unfortunately, despite her incredible longevity and popularity, Beauvais has experienced her fair share of heartbreak. Both of her marriages have ended in divorce. Her first was with Daniel Saunders, a producer. The two have one son together, named Oliver. Her second marriage was to an agent with the Creative Artists Agency, Mark Nilon. Nilon and Beauvais have two sons together, named Jax and Jaid.

Her marriage to Nilon ended in 2010 after she discovered that he had been having an affair for 5 years. After the divorce, she stated that she was simply focused on her children and rebuilding their lives.

4. She was a successful model

It is no surprise that an actress with the beauty and screen presence of Beauvais would also be a successful model. What most people do not realize is that her acting career came about after her modeling career.

She started modeling professionally at only 17 years of age, when she signed with Ford Models. Her resume is extremely impressive, as she has done work for Avon, Mary Kay, and Clairol. In addition to these high-profile brands, she also appeared in Playboy in its August 2007 edition.

3. She has appeared in music videos

While her acting has seen her in television series and movies, she has also appeared in several notable music videos. Her credits in this industry include R. Kelly’s “Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)” and Luther Vandross’ “Take You Out.” Her looks, talent, and popularity made her an ideal actress to appear in these popular music videos.

2. Her heritage and culture is important to her

Beauvais is one of the biggest Haitian-born stars in the US. Her early childhood was spent in Haiti, giving her a unique perspective on the differences between Haiti and America. When she moved to the US, she experienced the life of an outsider, someone who was different from all the other children in her class.

This experience, as well as raising mixed-race children, encouraged her to write children’s books to help kids cope with similar situations. Her 2013 book I Am Mixed is concerned with race and diversity. Her books have been hailed as outstanding works for educating children on the experiences of mixed-race individuals.

1. She is charitable

Not only does Beauvais care deeply about ensuring that all children are comfortable and confident in themselves, regardless of race, she has also supported various charitable causes. In 1999, she served as a celebrity ambassador for Love N’ Haiti. This organization raised funds for recycling programs in Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

As well, she appeared with Jamie Foxx and other celebrities at an event supporting The Little Princess Foundation. This event raised money to help the organization provide hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer.

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