10 Reasons Why Nick Carter Will Win Dancing with the Stars

nick carter

Like any other season of the hit reality television show, Dancing with the Stars, everyone has an opinion about who will take home the mirror ball trophy at the end of the competition going into season 21. Everyone has their favorite star, and despite the fact that the full cast won’t even be announced until September 2 on Good Morning America, everyone has already begun to speculate that there will be a clear winner. At the moment, it’s Nick Carter. As competitors for the upcoming season are announced one by one on television, he’s already been announced, he’s already commented and he’s already got a lot to say. Nick Carter, Bindi Irwin, Victor Espinoza and married couple Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are – as of writing this – the only confirmed stars in the competition. However, rumor has it that celebrity chef Paula Deen, former Bachelorette contestant Nick Viall and real housewife Kim Zolciak will also join the competition as the stars are announced. Even rumors that Chaka Khan is joining have surfaced in recent days.

At the moment, it seems that there might be a little fierce competition on the dance floor, but it is clear to us that the leading man, the most likely candidate to take home the trophy at the end of the season is Nick Carter. The former singer and Backstreet Boy has a lot going for him, and we’re breaking it down for you so that you can see precisely why we are already predicting, without even knowing the full cast yet, why he will take home the prize and end up winning the entire competition.

He’s a dancer

It helps that he’s been dancing most of his life in a boy band. If you are going to win a dancing competition, after all, having dance experience is going to help. Even if he says he’s not that good a dancer, he’s been doing it long enough to understand what it takes and to take direction, and that helps tremendously.

He’s a performer

Sometimes it’s more than just the dance moves that help a star take home the trophy. Sure, they’re most important, but being a performer also helps. After all, it’s not just one talent that works to win this show; it’s multiple talents.

He’s popular

He was part of the most famous boy band of all time, and that means he’s popular. His family has been through the loss of a sister, he’s been into and out of rehab, and he’s working hard to change his life. People love a success story with a happy ending, and that works for him here as voters are weighing in on what they want to see.


He’s a former boy band member

Need I say more? He’s a former Backstreet Boy, and that means that everyone loves him and wants to see him succeed. If for no other reason than the fact that they just want to see other band members in the audience on performance nights, the fans will keep him around.

He’s competitive

He said it himself; he’s competitive and he wants to win. That’s what it takes. His little brother was on the show a few years ago, and he wants to get further than he did, which was fifth place. Considering his brother’s impressive moves, it only makes sense he’d like to do a little better himself in the midst of the competition.

He’s got the edge

So far, he’s the only performer that has a history of dance that’s been officially announced, and that gives him an edge. After all, being a dancer for most of your life is going to help you with your dancing, right?

Women love a man who can dance

It’s true; women love a man that can dance. The moment he shakes his hips and makes it a point to get a little jiggy on the dance floor, women are going to lose their minds and start voting for him. We all want a man that can dance leading us around the dance floor so that we can enjoy a lovely night out.

He’ll have a great partner

We don’t know yet who his partner will be officially, but word on the street is that he will be paired with returning pro Karina Smirnoff, one of the most talented dancers in the competition. His little brother, Aaron, was paired with her when he competed, and so it seems like it might be something that makes sense. He’ll have a great partner no matter what, but especially if he is paired with her for the competition.

Other stars say they cannot dance

So far, none of the stars that have been announced have had much to say about their own dance skills. There’s a lot of “I can’t dance, I’ve never been a dancer, I’m not sure I’m any good, I hope to learn to dance,” comments being made, and that might make it a bit less of a challenge for Carter. Of course, there are always people saying that they can’t dance and then tearing up the dance floor, so we are not entirely sure that we believe this one 100%. Either way, though, we still feel he has the edge on the dance floor.


He’s got the motivation to win

Nick Carter has not had it easy since he was a pop star in one of the biggest boy bands in the world. His family situation is crazy. He lost his sister to drugs, he’s been addicted, in and out of rehab and his brother is the same way. He’s looking for a chance to start over and reclaim his life. He might only be 35, but he has been around the block enough times to know that he has to start over and make a change so that he can have any chance of a successful future. This might be just the platform he needs to achieve that in his own life at the moment.

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