Daniel Radcliffe Wows Critics with Broadway Performance

Daniel Radcliffe is doing all he can to distance himself from his Harry Potter alter ego. Not because he doesn’t adore it and know all the good things it did for him, but because he wants the world to know he is a talented actor and so much more than just a kid wizard. Seems like with his newest gig on Broadway he has been awing audiences and making them realize he is so much more than the one-trick-pony people may have seen him as.

In The Cripple of Inishman, Daniel Radcliffe plays a disabled orphan, and his portrayal is said to be both moving and sensitive, casting the young man in an all different light than most are used to. Though he has been doing Broadway for quite some time, this seems to finally be the performance that is really showing the world what this young man can do. A sensitive and emotional performance that most likely will catapult Daniel Radcliffe from someone the world saw as, well, Harry Potter, into an established and talented actor that looks like he could probably pull off any role you throw at him.

Truth is, after seeing him in Equus, I knew the kid had what it takes. The roles he is choosing post Harry Potter are brave, daring, and exceptional. Nice to see that Daniel Radcliffe may just be avoiding the curse of typecasting. Not an easy thing to do in Hollywood. Well played, Daniel. That is a point for Gryffindor.  See what I did there?

(Photo by Charles Leonio/Getty Images for Guess)

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