David Duchovny and Tea Leoni File for Divorce

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally official; David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are officially divorcing. The pair has been married 17-years, and it their road has been rocky for the past six years. It was a big blow to their marriage when, in 2008, Duchovny entered rehab for his addiction. The couple separated at that time, but decided to give marriage another go. They decided to separate again in 2011. Since their second separation, the couple did reconcile again. However, sources close to the couple state that they’ve been separated for a third time for several months and that they made the decision to simply file for divorce and end their long marriage after reconciliation attempts failed yet again.

The couple filed for divorce back in June. The reason listed on the paperwork says that there was an irretrievable breakdown during their long marriage. We’re guessing that it might have something to do with Duchovny’s rather unfortunate addiction and the effect it had on his wife so many years ago.

The couple had two kids during their long marriage. Madelaine, 15, and Kyd, 12, will share custody, with Leoni claming primary. Part of their on-going divorce agreement includes both child and spousal support in impressive sums. Duchovny will provide his soon-to-be ex-wife with $48,000 per month. Of that, $8,000 is child support and the rest is spousal support. According to official documents, the former X-Files actor will also take responsibility for paying for their children’s private schools, college and all other expenses his children incur until they reach adulthood.

Neither Duchovny or Leoni has come forward to make an official announcement regarding their divorce or their children at this time. Whether or not they will try to remain friends or co-parents is still a mystery, but here’s hoping the two can put aside their own differences for the sake of their kids.

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

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