10 Things You Didn’t Know about Debbe Dunning

Debbe Dunning is an American actress who has performed in other roles as well. Primarily, people will remember her because of her appearance on Home Improvement, but it is important to note that she has remained active in the acting world ever since then. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Debbe Dunning:

1. Born in Burbank

Debra Lynn Dunning was born in Burbank, which is a city that can be found in Los Angeles County. It claims to be the “Media Capital of the World,” which isn’t wholly unreasonable when one considers the sheer number of media titans that either have their headquarters or important production facilities situated in said location.

2. Debra Means Bee

Debra is a version of the Hebrew name Deborah, which means either “bee” or “short-tempered.” It is interesting to note that the name is related to Melissa, which means the same thing but in Greek rather than Hebrew.

3. Lynn Is Celtic

Nowadays, Lynn is much more popular as a middle name than as a first name, as shown by this exact case. However, it still shows up in numerous places as a suffix, as shown by names that range from Jocelyn to Kaylynn. Meaning-wise, Lynn is Celtic for various terms such as “lake,” “pool,” and “pond.”

4. Dunning Is Anglo-Saxon

Dunning comes from Anglo-Saxon. In short, Dunning comes from dunn, which meant “dark-colored” in the sense of someone with either darker hair or darker skin. However, Dunning would be the patronymic form, meaning that it would’ve been used by someone whose father was called Dunn.

5. First Role in Dangerous Curves

Regardless, Dunning’s first role seems to have been in a 1988 comedy movie called Dangerous Curves. In short, a college student named Chuck is hired by a businessman to deliver a Porsche to his daughter, which results in a series of shenanigans when his roommate convinces him to take it for a drive before doing so. Dunning played the role of a participant in the bikini contest that happens in the movie, which wasn’t particularly important but nonetheless got her acting career started up.

6. First Sitcom in Married with Children

Home Improvement wasn’t the first sitcom that Dunning has appeared in. Instead, that would be Fox’s Married with Children, which ran for a decade from 1987 to 1997. With that said, Dunning’s appearances in the sitcom were relatively short, seeing as how she is mentioned as having appeared in the show in 1990 and 1991.

7. Best-Known for Being Tool Time Girl

People who remember Home Improvement should remember the show within a show called Tool Time. Dunning tends to be best-known for playing the second Tool Time girl, whose purpose was introducing the hosts as well as handing them tools. In total, Dunning played said role from 1993 to 1999, which is because she wasn’t the first Tool Time girl but rather than the second following in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson.

8. Mom of Three

Eventually, Dunning got married in 1997 to her long-time boyfriend Steve Timmons, who has won Olympic Gold for the United States in volleyball. Together, they have had three children, with the oldest being a daughter who was followed by two sons. Unfortunately, the two are now divorced as of 2018.

9. Got the Chance to Do a New Show Because of Golfing

In her leisure time, Dunning has been known to go golfing. This seems to have paid off for her, seeing as how it was while golfing when she met the owner of a TV channel who was interested in doing a TV show with her. Initially, Dunning was skeptical because she has heard similar offers in the past, but it turned out that said individual was very serious about doing a TV show with her.

10. Does a Travel Show

Nowadays, Dunning has her own travel show called Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup. Like its name states, it is a travel show that focuses on dude ranches that can be found in the United States, which providing it with a strong focus that enables it to stand out from the sea of travel shows that can be found out there.

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