10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tania Raymonde

The name may not immediately seem familiar but the face definitely is. There were more than a few fans of Tania who were very disappointed when her character, Alex, got killed off in the television series “Lost.” But her career started before earning the adoration of “Lost” fans, many who followed her from her years as a teenager playing several roles. Taken from interviews and other sources are the 10 things you didn’t know about Tania Raymonde.

1. She completely confused a boy genius.

That genius, played by Frankie Munoz, was more than flustered when Tania played the role of Cynthia, a girl in his class who consistently had a crush on him from day one. It was a cat and mouse subplot on the TV series Malcolm in the Middle. Tania appeared on only four episodes but her acting talents created a wave of fans that followed her to “Lost.”

2. No small number of her fans are hoping for a reprisal of her Cynthia role.

Scanning the responses on her role, many fans of Malcolm want to see her and Malcolm get married in an updated version of the series. This is despite the fact that almost 20 years has passed. It’s hard to imagine we would see a 30-something Tania acting like a 15 year old, but these days it’s hard to know the outcome of any new TV series.

3. After reading the script of “Death Valley” she changed her mind about her acting talents.

She admitted that she never thought she would find herself doing a genre type of television show – ever. What changed her mind was a combination of the documentary style and what she called the “horror-comedy” mix.

4. She once appeared on the hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory.

Back in 2014, in its seventh season, Tania was cast as a veterinarian who meets Raj after his dog becomes sick. This was the only appearance Tania made on the hit comedy show.

5. She turned down an offer to be cast in the hit show, Chicago P.D.

After initially being cast in the backdoor season finale of its predecessor, Chicago Fire, Tania opted not to move forward and commit to a long term contract with the series. She cited creative differences, a sign that the director, writers, and actors do not agree with the direction of the content of the series. This happens often, so its just one of those things.

6. She was once on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Cast in the role as the daughter of a terrorist (Jeff Goldblum) from a mafia-type gang, she appeared in the finale of the 2009 season. Unbeknownst to Tania, this may have led to a false story being printed about her (see next list item).

7. A British tabloid reported that Tania and Jeff Goldblum were once romantically involved.

This story, published in 2009, showed pictures of the two apparently getting very cozy. Back then Tania was 21, Goldblum 26. The rumors did not appear to have any solid evidence behind them, and is it a coincidence that this was the same year the two appeared in that Law and Order finale?

8. She admits there are times when she has gone too far with her viewing habits.

Tania says she can stomach just about anything. But as a result of this tendency she has regrettably watched a lot of really disgusting media that she should probably never have even considered seeing. Her favorite genre when it comes to 3D is definitely horror, as she says it is the perfect medium for the horror genre.

9. Lost was where she grew up as an actor and as a person.

Tania was 17 when she started appearing in the series, and continued on and off over the next four to five years. Beyond getting a following, she also saw herself evolve from her teen years to her young adulthood. This says a lot about Tania’s character, as there were constant challenges she faces on both fronts.

10. She is a big fan of Fast Five.

The movie is just one example of her desire to act in a straight action movie. She loves the hardcore, heavy action scripts such as The Expendables that featured many of the older action stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Jason Statham.

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