Eric Stonestreet Tweets Article that Modern Family is Cancelled

Modern Family

Trick or treat seems to be something that Eric Stonestreet, who plays the beloved Cam on Modern Family, took a bit too far today. The diehard Kansas City Royals fan is sad that his team lost the World Series, and he decided to play a little Halloween trick on his Twitter followers. And the world was up in arms over Stonestreet’s apparent joke. So what did he do? If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you missed the headline. Stonestreet posted a link to an article titled, “Whoa: ABC Just Cancelled Modern Family in Order to Teach People that Something You Love Can be Taken from You with No Warning Whatsoever,” and added the caption, “So sad,” to the link.

Fans were horrified, beside themselves and devastated that their favorite comedy was allegedly cancelled, taking Stonestreet’s retweet of the link as confirmation that the rumor is true. Fortunately, the actor was just trying to play a Halloween prank on his fans so that they would all know just how he felt after his team’s big loss. What we’re trying to say is this: Modern Family has not been cancelled. In fact, with its recent 4th Emmy win under its belt and the sheer success and popularity of the show at an all-time high, ABC would be completely nuts to cancel the show. There will be plenty more hilarity to ensue on Wednesday nights, fans. It’s not going anywhere. As for Stonestreet, it was a wicked joke on a wicked holiday. Well played, Eric Stonestreet, well played.

And if you’re still not convinced that Modern Family is safe and secure and ongoing, just know that Clickhole, the satirical site that published the cancellation article also has an article on the site today about Julia Roberts’ new arm. And since we all know she’s still got her two original arms – attached and well – I think it’s safe to say this article could not be further from the truth.

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