Simon Cowell’s Got Talent Sets a Guinness World Record

The “Got Talent” shows are pretty insane, and in many ways, the most inconsistent show you will ever watch on TV. In one moment, you could see someone come out and floor you with something you have never seen before. Maybe making sand art or doing some amazing balancing act or something. Yet, in the next second, a guy could come out who burps the National Anthem. That, I believe, is the draw of the show, and the reason the Got Talent shows have just gone out to set a world record.

As a great many of you know, Simon Cowell produces those shows (there are different versions of the show all around the world), and it made the Guinness Book of World Records this weekend for being the most successful format on TV right now. You need to understand the fine print, though. I huge part of the success of the show is the fact that there are dozens of them. Not even kidding, from U.K’s Got Talent, to India’s Got Talent, and that has to do with why the show made the books. It is not the fact that all the shows top the ratings in their respective countries, because they don’t all top the ratings. It is due to the high volume of shows.

With dozens of different versions of the show all around the world, that is the reasoning behind why the Got Talent shows are so well known. Still, not a bad deal for the new Dad.

(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

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