Evidence Suggests it’s Possible Brittany Murphy was Poisoned

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I can sit here and confidently say I knew it. I knew something was incredibly suspicious about actress Brittany Murphy’s death in 2009. Everything seemed fine, and suddenly, one day, she was dead. People claimed it was drugs and that the young actress was troubled, but new information is suggesting that she may have actually been poisoned.  Her older husband died five months later under similarly odd circumstances.

So Freep.com has the story, but the gist of it is that toxicology reports for Brittany Murphy showed that she had extremely high levels of certain metals found in her blood. These metals are often found in rat poisons and other pesticides, and very well may have been introduced to the actress by a third party. The real pressing question here is: whom? Who may have poisoned Brittany Murphy?

There was much buzz around her husband, who seemed to be hiding something, but he passed on not long after. Could he have done it, and then poisoned himself out of guilt? Well, I shouldn’t make such bold accusations, but something in the story just doesn’t add up. The saddest part is, it probably never will.

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