10 Celebrities Who Looked Better After Gaining Weight

mila kunis

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – no statement is truer than this one. What I consider beautiful, you might not; and vice versa. My idea of beauty differs greatly from your idea of beauty, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, many of us can agree on the fact that there are certain celebrities who look significantly better now than they did in the past, and all because they managed to put on a few pounds. In a world where ‘thin is in’ and fat is not, these celebrities are proving everyone wrong; they look far better with a little meat on their bones than they ever did when they were thinner.

mila kunis

Mila Kunis

She has always been a beautiful woman, but she was required to lose a lot of weight for her role as a ballerina in “Black Swan,” which was not her best look. She became almost skeletal, and while it was just for her role in a movie, she is much better looking with a little meat on her bones. Now, we are not calling her fat – at all – because she is anything but. However, without her bones showing through her skin, she is far more beautiful than she was in that particular role.

natalie portman

Natalie Portman

Just like her costar in “Black Swan,” Natalie Portman was forced to lose a large amount of weight from her already very petite and tiny frame. This caused her to look downright sick, almost like a patient in a hospital with a terminal disease who simply cannot control her weight anymore. Once the role was over, however, she ended up pregnant. When her baby was born, she lost her weight but she managed to stop the weight loss at the point she was before she was losing weight for her role, which is just perfect. She’s so tiny and petite as it is, being smaller is not a good look for her.

demi moore

Demi Moore

Right around the time that she was going through her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore lost so much weight she appeared frail. In fact, she looked as if she might break into a million tiny pieces if anyone got too close to her or a soft breeze blew in. Since then, however, she’s gained a healthy amount of weight – though she is still as thin as ever – and the result is a far more attractive woman than the one who lost so much weight she had more bone than skin.

jaime king

Jaime King

She was so thin for a few months in 2009 that her body looked strange; unreal, almost. Fortunately, she managed to gain enough weight to make her look like a tiny 00 by the time 2010 was half through, and she looks far better because of it. An already thin and very tiny woman, losing all that weight before she put it back on was a terrible idea that only made her look sick.

tori spelling

Tori Spelling

At some point after having her first few kids, Tori Spelling lost so much weight we could count the bones in her body. However, she managed to go ahead and gain some of it back in a very healthy manner. Now she is just lovely. When she was at her thinnest, it almost appeared as if her head was so big for her body that she was a bobblehead. She’s put on a few pounds in a healthy manner, and she’s lovely.

hilary duff

Hilary Duff

What we love most about Hilary Duff is that she’s always been so real. She’s always been perfectly proportioned and healthy. When she lost a lot of weight a few years ago, though, she lost so much she looked sick. We like to see her with a little meat on her bones; it makes her look approachable, beautiful and far more amazing than she does as a stick. She’s just not the kind of woman who was built to be a size 00 even when she is. She’s the kind of woman built to be a size 4 and is perfect just like that.

matthew mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey

One of the most famous actors of our generation, he had to lose a lot of weight for his role as an HIV-positive man in “Dallas Buyers Club,” which was not a flattering look for the star at all. He was sickly, and it was almost sad and difficult to look at him. Now that he has put his weight back on and is back to his normal self, he’s looking much better than ever. He is living proof that healthy is far more attractive than skinny.

nicole richie

Nicole Richie

When she first became a famous reality star alongside former bestie Paris Hilton, she was not taking care of herself. However, Nicole Richie decided that being a bit overweight was not in her cards and she dropped a significant amount of weight. She was too thin at that point. It wasn’t until she decided to focus on health rather than the number on the scale that she really became a beauty.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie

She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world but when she went through that period of looking skeletal, it wasn’t attractive. At the moment, she looks better than ever and it’s all because she’s allowed herself to put on enough weight to just look healthy. She’s still trim and lovely, and she looks amazing. However, she is a reminder that losing too much weight is just as unattractive as gaining too much.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

When she first became famous for her role in The OC, the actress almost withered away. She was so thin every bone on her body poked and popped out of her skin in the most unflattering manner. In the past decade, however, she’s managed to put on a healthy amount of weight, making herself look far healthier and much better. She’s still one of the tiniest actresses in Hollywood, but at least she looks nice now instead of looking like she’s been strung out for months on end.

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