10 Things You Didn’t Know about Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard is a remarkable woman with a long history. Most of us know her from her time on reality television, first as a bachelorette vying for the love of a man she was so much better than. Then we knew her as the Bachelorette with 25 men of her own to choose from, and she chose the wrong one. in a situation like that, though, it happens. She’s a southern belle with two kids, a baby on the way and a new husband she really seems to have found happiness with.

She grew up dating Ricky Hendrick of the Hendrick racing family. His family has a very big in the racing community in NASCAR, and he was well on his way to becoming an even bigger star than any of his family when he and nine others were killed in a plane crash in 2004. He was engaged to then 19-year-old Emily Maynard, whom he’d been dating for many years. Just after the accident, she found out she was pregnant with their first child. She gave birth 8 months later to a little girl she named Ricki after her late father.

Emily Maynard went on to become the Bachelorette during season 15 of the show, hoping to find love and a husband and a father-figure for her daughter. Her heart still heavy and broken, she was unable to find lasting love. However, she did eventually find it and now she is living the life she always wanted for herself. But that doesn’t mean there are not still a few things we don’t know about the stunning southern belle.

She’s not into the Ken-type

If there is one thing that you expect from Emily Maynard, it’s that she loves the guy that is clean-cut and perfectly preppy in every way. She’s such a perfect Barbie doll, so it makes sense. However, that’s not even remotely close to what she actually wants. She prefers darker, rocker, grunge-like guys.

She’s brutally honest

We got to know her on television as a southern belle with a sweet personality, and that’s true. However, she’s quick to point out the truth and to tell you what’s on her mind, and she does not cut corners or sugarcoat anything for anyone.

She has little patience for stupidity

When someone is catty, mean, rude or stupid, don’t believe that Emily Maynard will put up with that. She has little to no patience for that type of behavior, and she’s not afraid to point that out, give you another chance or cut you out all together.

She’s smart

A lot of people like to think that she’s just the poor girl who lost her fiancé and then had his baby when she was only 19, and that she’s not really equipped to handle anything too much more than just her hair and makeup. It’s not true; she’s smart, and she’s no dummy.

She likes normal

When she was the Bachelorette, she did not want to go to Los Angeles. She’s a mother with a small daughter, and she wanted her daughter’s life to be as normal as possible. That meant filming in Charlotte, North Carolina and not disrupting her daughter’s life as much as possible.

Her kids always come first

Many people like to assume that because she is a reality star and so much of her life is in the press, she probably only cares about money and fame. That is not true in the least. What she cares about is the fact that she has kids she loves and they are the most important thing to her in the world.

She likes everyday things

Sure, a beautiful date in a foreign country is nice, but not for Emily. She loves that stuff, but she prefers to be at home with her kids and her husband, and she likes the normal things. She likes cooking with her husband when the kids are in bed, playing in the yard and being a little bit lazy at home with her family. She managed to do the normal dating thing for close to a year before she got engaged and then got married six months later, and she was only married a few months before she got pregnant with her first child with her new husband. Now their little boy is 7 months old and she is pregnant with baby number two for them and three all together.

The most exciting part of the show for her was the clothes

Who doesn’t love the amazing clothes you get to choose, the professional stylist and all the things that you get to do when you are the most famous single woman on television? Emily Maynard was worried she might not find love, but she was very excited to at least try something outside of her comfort zone. She was even more excited to try on all the clothes and look amazing for a few weeks.

She met her husband at church

Sometimes you don’t have to go all the way to the Bachelor mansion to meet the man of your dreams. Sometimes he’s right there with you at church and you don’t even realize it. Sometimes he’s the guy that sits a few rows away from you, you speak to him every single weekend and you get to know one another but you never do anything about it. One day, after your attempt at finding love on national television does not work out for you twice, you realize that the quiet guy from church is actually kind of a nice guy, and you want to date him. That’s how most forever stories end up.

Her husband asked permission to propose to her

What a guy. When Tyler Johnson decided he wanted to marry Emily Maynard, he did the gentlemanly thing and he asked both her father for his permission and he asked Ricki’s paternal grandparents. After all, they are the closest thing that she has to her father and she has a wonderful relationship with them. They all gave their blessing and this man became the man that she married only a few months later.

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