Justin Bieber Got his Nose Pierced So We Dislike Him More Now


I can safely say that all males around the universe were absolutely irate at finding out that Bieber was more than equipped in a certain area that women are concerned with.  And I’m sure that men all around the world can’t be too happy at the fact that the Biebs is able to date the likes of Selena Gomez and Hillary Baldwin and be able to tell them “sorry babe, I need to move on, there’s just to much out there waiting for me.”

Why do I bring this up? Because as many people who are going to be disgusted and upset that Justin Bieber pierced his nose, Bieber just picked up an entirely new contingent of females that are going to be on his jock.  I mean somewhere in the universe there’s an emo girl who has no idea how attractive she is.  She’ll somehow go to one of his annoying concerts and Bieber will spot her in the crowd.  He’ll playfully invite her to his trailer after the show and he’ll check another “done that” off his list.

It’s worth noting that Bieber actually took an Instagram picture but immediately deleted it.  Does that mean the piercing was just a tease?  I think as long as Bieber gets rid of this look then we can take the nose ring.


Come on dude.  Really?  First of all, just grow facial hair when you CAN.  Second of all.  Eh, is it really worth it?  I guess not.

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