Ten Reality TV Stars Who Chose a Life of Crime

paris hilton

Reality television is entertaining in many aspects, but it’s not funny when the stars of shows we allow into our homes evening after evening are throw into jail because of the decisions they make in their personal lives. Whether these reality stars think that they are invincible because of their fame or they simply do not know any better is beyond us; when you commit a crime, you do the time. It’s a simple concept, and the people who spend time on television starring in shows about their lives should understand that many people throughout the country look up to them as role models (why?) and choosing a life of crime is never the answer. These 10 reality stars are just a few of the ones who’ve been caught breaking the law – sadly, there are so many more than the ones we’ve listed here.

paris hilton

Paris Hilton

Remember when she and friend Nicole Richie starred together in a show called The Simple Life that followed the two as they moved away from their glamorous Beverly Hills lifestyles to small farms across the country to live like simple farm girls? Apparently that did not agree with Hilton as she was arrested on numerous occasions, mostly for drug possession and also for driving under the influence. She even spent three days in jail once for violating probation.

nicole richie

Nicole Richie

Hilton’s friend and now cleaned up mother of two and designer was once a young lady with some issues. She let the world treat her poorly and in return made some questionable decisions that led to her arrest on more than one occasion. She’s since cleaned up tremendously and seems to have turned her life around for the better in many cases – or she’s keeping it at home these days.

apollo nida

Apollo Nida

The husband of a Real Housewife from Atlanta, Apollo Nida spent some time in jail during 2004, was released and then married an attorney. How that happened, really; we don’t know. Either way, the couple married and then had some kids and now he’s back in jail for reasons that are similar to whey he was there in the first place. It’s not been a good moment for his wife, who seems to be done with him at times and then stands by his side at others; though divorce papers were filed.

joe and theresa giudice

Theresa Giudice

She is the most famous housewife from Jersey, and she’s also the one that’s spending a long time in jail. Unlike other reality stars that seem to get in and out in days or hours, she’s been in all year and will not be released for another few weeks for her crimes. She claimed she had no idea that her husband was using her to commit fraud on more than 41 counts, but then continued to lie about her assets and claim ‘stupid’ when it came to her income.

joe and theresa giudice

Joe Giudice

Everyone likes to call him the mastermind of the fraud committed by he and his wife, Jersey housewife Theresa, but there are some that suspect the reality star is not the one behind the fraud. Many believe he was involved, yes, but that his wife is the much smarter, much more calculating on in the relationship who plays dumb as often as possible so that she can keep herself out of trouble. He’s not yet served for his many counts of fraud; his sentence begins in March.

richard hatch

Richard Hatch

He won a million dollars when he survived the longest in the wilderness on the hit reality television show Survivor, and then he decided that he did not need to pay the required taxes on his income. That led to his arrest and his demise with the law, and also a three year jail sentence for his crime. Whether or not he realized his mistake is beyond us, but any good tax advisor would have made sure he knew that his income was required to go through the IRS for a chunk of change in their own pockets.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Keeping up with this family is just a headache with so many of them and so much going on. She was arrested several years ago for driving under the influence and famously sentenced to 30 days in jail. However, she was released from jail around 3 hours after she was dropped off and checked in due to overcrowding. Sources later opened up and said the warden sprung her because he was tired of dealing with the treats and anger from the public that might put his facility in danger.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans

It’s almost painful to call this young woman a reality star since she is famous for becoming a teenage mother and allowing MTV to film that, and then she is even more famous because she’s managed to get herself arrested 10 times since she became a reality star in her teens. She’s got drug issues, anger management issues and a number of other issues that really should cause someone to throw away the key the next time she’s arrested for something stupid, immature and absolutely careless.

alexis neiers

Alexis Neiers

If you’ve never heard of her, you did not watch Pretty Wild at all. She was the star of that hit show on television that did not last very long after she and a number of other people were caught. She was part of something called the Bling Ring, which was a group of people who would spend their time robbing celebrity homes. She hit homes of stars such as Paris Hilton and even Lindsay Lohan, with whom she was jail cell neighbors for a few weeks.

jason wahler

Jason Wahler

He was the star of one of the original reality shows, The Hills, where he dated good girl Lauren Conrad. The world cheered for these two thinking that she could set him straight and help him change his life. Sadly, they did not work out and he ended up arrested more than six times in less than three years, all for things stemming from alcohol abuse.

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