Five Awesome Celebrity Cameos in Movies

I am a sucker for a good celebrity cameo in a movie. There is just something cool about someone very famous showing up for a movie, but only doing a single scene or a walk-by. The very idea sort of pokes fun at the concept of celebrity. And as you will see on this list, many of these stars in these cameos are not above making fun of themselves or their public image, which makes this scenes and cameos even better. Here are five awesome celebrity cameos in movies.

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Bill Murray in Zombieland

For Bill Murray to play himself in Zombieland just made all the world fall more in love with Bill Murray (as if that was possible). Plus, he pretends to be a Ghostbuster again in during that cameo, and that moment made so many nerds happy right down to their soul. That sort of thing is priceless.

Plus, we can’t forget the way the scene ends. We wont ruin it for you here in case you are are one of the seven people who have not seen this cameo. But trust us when we say, the scene ends up epic fashion. As if anything with Bill Murray is NOT epic.

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Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction

Would I dare call Christopher Walken’s cameo in Pulp Fiction the greatest cameo of all time? Well, honestly, I might. While I will not recite his speech here (and believe me, I could. Voice and all) I think we all fondly recall what Walken talked about in Pulp Fiction, and how memorable it was.  A completely unforgettable scene in an already brilliant film.

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Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder

We hope the irony of Tom Cruise playing a crazy Hollywood executive is not lost on you. But Tom Cruises switch in Tropic Thunder proved to us that the superstar actually had a really funny side. That is one of those cameos no one saw coming, and I think a lot of us were shocked at just how well Cruise pulled it off. Plus, he had some sick dance moves. Who knew?

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Michael Jackson in Men in Black 2

It took bravery on Michael Jackson’s part to play an alien in the second Men in Black film, because at the time, there was much  odd speculation about him and what he liked to do in his spare time. But this cameo proved Michael Jackson was not above having a good time poking fun at himself, and that made us respect the King of Pop a little more than we did before the movie.

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Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street

The simple fact that Johnny Depp played his character from 21 Jump St in the reboot of 21 Jump St was a pretty brilliant and very meta move. It is also just one of the reasons that film did so well and caught so many people off guard by just how good it was. Because Depp’s appearance in the movie proved it was all a sort of self satire of the original series.

If only all reboots (and cameos) were as cool as Johnny Depp’s.

So what is your favorite celebrity cameo from the movies? Take to our comments and let us know.

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