Five of Our Favorite Jillian Harris Tweets

Jillian Harris

Have you ever noticed that it’s really just impossible not to love Jillian Harris? We all loved her when she was a reality television star who was trying to choose between a group of 25 men who may or may not have been all that eligible or amazing (she should have picked the guy who looked like Chandler Bing, if you ask me). She’s fun, personable and she’s Canadian. And if there is one thing I know about Canadians, it’s that not one that I’ve ever met has ever been anything less than absolutely charming, beautiful and kind. I mean, come on; we could all take a note or two from Canadians and their exceptionally wonderful personalities.

Jillian Harris might not have been able to make things work with the man she chose to fall in love with and all his drunk, cheating ways, but she sure did make a wonderful career for herself. She’s way cooler now that she’s a television star of another variety and she’s even having her first baby soon. How amazing is that? She’s just a cool person that we could all be friends with in real life – except for any people who are just not good people – and we love her Twitter feed.  

Group Hugs  Who doesn’t love a group hug and all that it entails? We do, and we are so happy that there are so many people in the world who also love a group hug. This tweet just makes us love Jillian Harris even more than we already did, and that’s not an easy feat.

She’s an Advice Giver 

Who knew that Jillian Harris was also the most amazing giver of marital advice? Don’t let this question fool you; it’s all about fixing a marriage, not decorating a wall.

She’s got young men asking for her number  But did she give it to him? Because I still don’t get why the young girls of the world find this young man so attractive. I’m certain he’s a nice kid, but he’s not very well put together in my opinion.

She loves her grandmother 

I have no tattoos, nor will I ever get one as I simply don’t find them to be my taste or style. However, if you are going to get one, why not get your grandmother’s name on your foot? It’s so sweet.

She laughs at herself 

We definitely did not need the visual, but we do appreciate that Jillian Harris is not afraid to re-tweet her fans funny stories or even laugh at herself and the idea of something so personal happening. Or personally gross; you choose which one it is to you.

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