Getting To Know Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson

After Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson broke up with her longtime boyfriend Blake Coward, everyone was eager to see who would accompany Sadie to the prom. Good thing her cousin Cole Robertson came through. It was clear that she had a great time with her cousin. She also captioned a cute photo on Instagram with her date. Most people only know Sadie Robertson as the Duck Dynasty star. But what else is there to know about her? Let’s have a look at the 5 things you didn’t know about Sadie Robertson.

She’s Religious

Sadie has always been vocal about her Christian faith in Hollywood. This is also evident due to the fact that her family prays after every single episode of “Duck Dynasty.” She even showed her audience that she will not compromise her religious morals to dress seductively or perform before she became the also-ran on “Dancing With the Stars.” She now has an opportunity to showcase her belief and trust in God in her new role in the film God’s Not Dead 2.

She’s Fearless

Most people would only express with words about how fearless they can be. Well, Sadie Robertson does this differently. She said that for every camp she went to during summer throughout her entire life, her biggest struggle was anxiety. But each time she overcame anxiety, her greatest struggle was fear. She says that when she went down and consulted her lord and savior, she was no longer fearful. She went ahead and got a tattoo that said “fearless”.  Although she understood that tattoos weren’t for everyone, she explained that this acted as an important reminder for her to have faith in the Almighty.

She has a sense of humor

It was clear that Sadie isn’t as rigid as some religious girls out there. She can also be flexible and play around with her fans to see their reaction. This was evident when she posted a photo of her with her boyfriend and a bouquet. She had a hard time explaining to her mom what she was thinking. Her mom thought she was about to get married. That’s what any mother would think. Her mom didn’t really understand why she put that picture. She couldn’t imagine her 18-year-old girl to be headed down the aisle too soon. Sadie said that it was fun to play with her Instagram followers. She said she could post a picture of a lemonade and they would be like ‘Are you and Blake getting married?’

She inspires others to “Live Original”

Her ABC bio reveals that she is a motivational speaker who spends most of her summer time on camps working with Christian groups. Her mission is spreading her message that everyone can live a confident life and ‘live original’.

She is a humanitarian

She and her family teamed up with Roma Boots to donate hundreds of rain boots to the needy children. The founder of the Roma Boots, Samuel, has a mission of donating boots to children in over 25 countries across the world and Sadie Robertson took part in this humanitarian action.

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