Game of Thrones is the Most Pirated Television Show

Did you guys know Game of Thrones is the most pirated television show? I had a pretty strong inkling because it seems like every single person on Earth watches Game of Thrones, yet not everyone of those people has HBO. I mean, did you see how many people were tweeting about the season four premiere? There is no way all of those people were official HBO subscribers. The thing is, the show still pulls in stellar ratings, so really, it’s not even really hurting them that much.

Just to give you a solid idea of how big the problem is, Game of Thrones was downloaded 1.4 million times between January and February of this year alone. I can tell you, as much as some networks see it is a problem, HBO needs to understand. If someone likes the show enough, they will download it, watch it, then order the network. I wont sit here and cast stones. That is exactly what I did. I know it may have been wrong of me, but it also would have been wrong of me to order and pay for a whole cable network on the risk I might not like the show I am getting the channel for.

Another positive way to look at it is even the people who download it illegally will have to talk about it and spread word of mouth. So even the thieves bring in some good press and public attention. If they start feeling it in the ratings, this will be a problem, but for now, I think HBO has it handled.

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

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