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Full House is back with a vengeance, and it’s better than ever. It’s now called Fuller House, and even if you really want to hate it and all that it stands for, you simply cannot. It’s a show that we all grew up with. It’s a show that was on Friday nights; we all stayed home and waited impatiently for TGIF and all the amazing shows to come on. It was the best night of television – unlike now when it is not even a remotely good night of television. Netflix knew we wanted something from the people we loved so much growing up, and we are so excited that we are finally able to get to curl up on the couch and binge watch this show with our own families, trying to remember how we felt when we watched it for the first time growing up.

While everyone from the original series with the exception of the Olsen twins are back for the renewal, not everyone is a main cast member. Some of our favorites, such Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky are back here and there, but they’re not main characters. So, who is a main character? Well, the girls and Kimmy Gibbler are all back with some laughs, some sadness and a much different life than perhaps we ever imagined. Let’s see who they are and what they’ve been up to.

Candace Cameron Bure

She’s 39 and better than ever. She married her husband, a Canadian hockey star, back in 1996 and they have three children together. She became a born-again Christian in her 20s and she is not afraid to tell the world that her relationship with God and her willingness to submit to her husband is the basis of the success of their marriage. She is highly conservative, she’s had a number of small roles here and there on television and she’s even a talk show host. She is back and better than ever on the show after competing in and winning 3rd place on Dancing with the Stars, and she is happy to be back on television and back in her most famous role.

Jodie Sweetin

Following her child-stardom, Jodie Sweetin had a rough life. She went through a lot, as many child stars do upon growing up. She’s now 34, and she’s on the road to recovery. She was only 14 when she developed alcoholism, and she went on to spend the next 15 years of her life alternately clean and high using drugs that are far more dangerous than just alcohol. She’s now sober and has been for several years. Her personal life, though, was a bit of a mess for a while. She was married in 2002, divorced in 2006, married again in 2007 and had a baby with this husband, and she divorced him in 2010.

She had a baby in 2010 and married the father of her boyfriend in 2012 before divorcing him in 2013. She is not currently engaged yet again, and will enter into her fourth marriage at some point in the near future. Now she is clean and sober and living her life for her kids and making an improvement in her personal life.

Andrea Barber

Kimmy Gibbler might come across as a bit of a flake on television, but she’s one smart woman in real life. Andrea Barber was a star before Full House, when she was Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives for four years. At 39, she has led a very full life. When the show originally ended in 1995, she went to school and obtained her degree in English. She went on to serve as the assistant to the director of the Whittier College Office of International Programs. She is a mother of two and recently split from her husband of 12 years. She’s always wanted to return to acting and is happy she has done so.

John Brotherton

He has the esteemed role of playing D.J.’s new love interest on the hit new show, and he is a veterinarian like D.J. He might not be a familiar name, but he’s worked since he was 10 with bit roles in movies, shows and even on soap operas. This is apparently his big break.

Juan Pablo Di Pace

He plays the husband of Kimmy Gibbler and her baby daddy, and he does it well. He spent most of his career working in other countries as an actor, but he’s familiar with the camera both in front of it and behind it. However, he’s had plenty of work since he’s been in the US, and this is just his most recent role.

Scott Weinger

He was already slightly famous when he became Steve on Full House during its fifth season, and he’s only become more famous over the years. He is also the voice of Disney’s “Aladdin,” and he is a very intelligent man. When his role was over and he was done with his voice for Disney, he went to Harvard and graduated with degrees in both English and American Literature. He spent many years studying, but he’s also reprised his role as Aladdin on several occasions.

Fans might be a little surprised to see that D.J. and Steve did not get married and that her three boys are not his own, but it’s all right. Right now he is back in her life as a newly single man with some kids of his own as the result of a failed marriage. He is looking for a bit of a romance with her, but she doesn’t seem to be interested as she has a vet in her life she seems interested in. Steve has gone on to become a podiatrist. What we really love about his character, though, is that he has kept the line of Comet’s going and he is the proud ‘human father’ of Comet Jr. Jr. If that is not enough to make you love him again, nothing really is.

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