Getting to Know the Cast of The Little Couple

the Little Couple

The Little Couple is a reality series featured on TLC that follows the lives of a couple living in Houston who both live with a rare medical condition called skeletal dysplasia. This means that neither of them will grow to the average size of an adult, and they both stand under 4 feet tall. With this comes a number of household and lifestyle challenges, but it’s nothing that they can’t handle on their own. They do have to make a few concessions to make their household and their life work, but nothing that isn’t too stressful or excessive.

The series follows them as they navigate their way through life in Texas. Both very well educated individuals who have been together a long time, they began the series by building their custom home and bringing America into their lives. She is a doctor, he a business owner and together they decided that they wanted to adopt a couple of kids from other countries who also live with the same medical condition as they.

Life is pretty good for this little family (pun not intended) and they are doing quite well for themselves. However, the world does get to see life through the eyes of people who are considered ‘different’ and ‘abnormal’ and sometimes it’s a bit of a shocker. People can be very cruel, kids can be mean and it’s not always easy to be different. Fortunately, this couple seems to take it all in stride and they do not allow the rest of the world to challenge their happiness, their dreams and their desires. They are quite happy to conquer the world in a way that most people will never bother. That’s why we wanted to get to know a bit more about this family and their excessive accomplishments, their family and their life. Get to know the Little Couple yourself.

Bill Klein

Bill Klein is a New York-native with a degree in Biology he received while studying at New York University. His sales career is one that flourished enough so that the was able to bring in millions in revenue each year, earning him a high-powered title as a big wig where he worked. Now located in Houston, Bill began to make a mark on his career in 2011 when he first began consulting with potential clients from his home office, which eventually led him to become self-employed.

Despite a loving family and a very happy adulthood, Bill Klein did not have an easy childhood. As you can imagine, it’s difficult enough not to fit a ‘normal’ mold in society, and growing up with his particular form of Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasi was even more difficult. He has opened up to his family and his fans that growing up he had a lot of depressing times, suffered from depression and even had thoughts of suicide at one point. Fortunately, he was able to overcome his issues and find happiness with his wife and their two children.

He and his wife now own several businesses in which they both play a very active role. One of his newest businesses is a pet supply chain that is named after his own dogs. He is the oldest of three boys, and his family is very close.

Jen Arnold

Jen Arnold is a Florida-native who decided to take on her education at the University of Miami. She graduated with degrees in both Biology and Psychology, and she then moved to Baltimore. While there, she attended Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and earned her degree. Following her graduation in 2000, she made the decision to join a Pediatric residency program at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where she entered into a neonatology fellowship.

She also has a Master’s of Science in Medical Education from the University of Pittsburgh, because she is a lover of knowledge and wants to ensure she can make the most of her given talent. She has also become board certified in both Pediatric and Neonatal medicine, which is a huge accomplishment for anyone. Her current job, aside from owning her own businesses with her husband, is director of the Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. She also holds the title of Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology at Baylor. She is a very accomplished woman, and she should be proud.

The world saw as she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer back in 2013 after she experienced another trauma and horror in her life. She became pregnant with a non-viable pregnancy and was then diagnosed with Stage 4 Choriocarcinoma, which she had to deal with for a very long time, and she had to seek treatment for that as the mother of a toddler boy and shortly before she and her husband adopted a little girl. She’s a cancer survivor, a sister and a daughter and she comes from a very close-knit family, which is why she wanted to have a family of her own so badly.

Will Klein

Born in China, where he spent a few years of his early childhood, his parents adopted him in 2013. Will also lives with dwarfism and that sometimes makes it difficult for people to want to adopt a child. Most people want ‘perfect’ children and are not interested in the adoption of a child they do not feel fits that particular mold. Thankfully, his family is loving and supportive and they know what he is living with as a child.

Zoey Klein

No longer a baby, little Zoey was welcomed into her family in 2014. She is from India. Her parents wanted to adopt her for a long time, wanting to add to their family to make it feel more complete with their son already in place. When they were finally able to adopt her, it was a wonderful moment for the entire family even though it took her a bit more time than it took their son to fit in with their family. Zoey is also a little person.

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