How did Floyd Mayweather Accumulate His Net Worth?

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather is a retired professional boxer with a net worth of $400 million. He is one of the most famous faces in the ring, and he is one of the wealthiest and most successful men in any sport. He’s been in the game since 1996 when he won his first professional match. To this day, almost 20 years later, he has not lost a match. He has announced his retirement, but there is some speculation that he has no intention of really retiring, he’s only holding out for the big money making prospects. With a net worth as high as his, he can do as he pleases.

At this point in his life, Floyd Mayweather is sitting pretty. He is one of the very few athletes in the history of sports to earn as much money as he has, and only a few of the greatest athletes of all time have surpassed him. By some of the greats, we are talking about NBA star Michael Jordan, who has amassed an impressive net worth of more than $1 billion since he began his career – despite not earning that mark until well after his retirement. Tiger Woods has, so far, amassed a grand total of more than $1.4 billion. Additionally, the only other athlete to surpass Mayweather’s earnings is a Formula One race car driver by the name of Michael Schumacher, who has earned more than $800 million so far in his career. Mayweather’s high net worth and his career earning $700 million has not been disappointing, but it’s been a longer road than some might think for him to get to this point.

First $10 million Plus Paycheck

Floyd Mayweather has earned his net worth over the course of more than two decades in the boxing ring. He is indisputably one of the most famous boxers – if not the most famous boxer – in the world. He has never lost a fight, he’s earned more than $700 million in his career, and he’s been a household name as long as most of us can remember. However, it might come as a bit of a shock to realize that Floyd Mayweather did not earn his first $10 million paycheck until 2007. He’d already been in the ring time and time again, for years and years, yet he’d never made it to a $10 million check up until that point.

The first time he earned excess of $10 million was back in 2007 during a split decision against Oscar De La Hoya, another of the world’s most famous boxing champions. In fact, while this might have been his first check over $10 million, it was significantly over $10 million. Floyd Mayweather earned $25 million for that fight from the Pay Per View earnings and his purse at the end. The fight made history with more than 2.5 million Pay Per View purchases. Additionally, this was the first of 12 fights in a row in which Mayweather would earn at least $25 million per fight.

Richest Deal in the History of Sports

Floyd Mayweather made a killing when he began his 12-fight winning streak earning more than $25 million per fight back in 2007, but it would be another six years until the arrival of 2013 that would make him even wealthier. He’d already accumulated a bulk of his substantial net worth to this point, but it was in 2013 when the boxer signed a lucrative deal that would provide him with a staggering $440 million over the course of 2.5 years. The basis of this deal was simple; Mayweather signed a contract with Showtime that allowed him to fight six times over the course of a two and-a-half year period for which he would be awarded more than $440 million.

This is the same deal that was topped off by his very famous fight with Manny Pacquiao in which the boxer took home an impressive $240 million after the sales of the Pay Per View fight went through the roof. The end of his Showtime deal and the last fight of his career occurred in September 2015. Floyd Mayweather ended his career with his 49th win, making his record throughout the course of his career 49-0. He beat Rocky Marciano, taking home with him an estimated $32 million from the fight.


Floyd Mayweather makes a substantial income from his many endorsements, though the money he makes from these is chump change compared to what he made in the ring. In 2015 alone, the made more than $15 million from his endorsements, and that has been pretty much the norm from him since he began his career and made a name for himself. He will continue to stick with many of his endorsements, too, even though he is no longer a boxer. He’s had deals with sponsors such as Reebok, to whom he gave back his $1 million paycheck after shopping at Nike and being reprimanded by the Reebok brand. He charges a minimum of $1 million to endorse any brand, and many feel that the publicity they get from endorsing him is very worthy. For that reason, Floyd Mayweather earns at least $1 million from his endorsements with brands such as Hublot, FanDuel and Tecate. He’s also worked with Burger King, who reportedly paid the boxer a whopping $1 million for 2 minutes of advertisement with the star boxer.

Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is $400 million and his career earnings are more than $700 million. He’s retired after 19 years in the ring, and he is arguably the most famous boxer of all time. He will likely go on to make more money as a retired boxer if he chooses to continue with endorsement deals and if he decides to put retirement on hold to get back into the ring for more fights. There is a chance he will, as many are speculating that there are a few fights already in the works. However, he’s close to 40-years-old now, and he knows it’s time to get out of the game.

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