Jessica Simpson Shares Post-Baby Weight Loss Secrets

Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Visit Belk Southpark

Do you wish you knew Jessica Simpson’s secret of shedding her post baby weight so fast?  Jessica Simpson shares how she lost all her post baby weight. Don’t get too excited, though. There is no magical cure here. She did it the hard way. In other words, the right way.

E Online has all the details, but the long and the short is that Jessica Simpson shares that she inked a deal with Weight Watchers. Outside of that, she did workouts like regular people, at the gym. Eventually, she decided it would be best to ask her professional football player husband, Eric Johnson, if he could go for walks with her. Epic, 10,000 step walks. On top of that, she had a personal trainer she met with regularly.

In other words, all the people who think there was some miracle diet or that she sat around and had her fat lipo’d out, that is not the case. Jessica Simpson lost her baby weight the same way everyone else does. Exercise and hard work.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson)

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