Toby Keith is the Highest Paid Country Star

Grand Opening Press Conference For Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill

Despite the puzzled look in the above photo, today is an awesome day to be country singer, Toby Keith. The man has been in a steady climb over the last half of the decade, and may even be partly responsible for the huge boom in the popularity of country music over the last few years. If you want solid proof of this. how about the fact that Toby Keith just became the highest paid country star in the world?  Does that shine your boots, for ya?

So to put things in perspective, Toby Keith made more in country last year than Taylor Swift. That may seem insane to people because you hear her everywhere and  you only hear him on country stations. But that is kind of the point in all this. He is pure country. As much as people love the pop country that has been permeating the mainstream, that is just not country to people who actually listen to country. Country is usually a redneck dude singing about his truck and his love of bars. Guess what Toby does? Both of those things. Also, writing a love song to a Red Solo cup was a pretty smart idea, we wont lie.

So the next time you think (or want to think) that country is dead or dying, you realize that Toby Keith made 65 million dollars last year, and suddenly you want to pick up your acoustic guitar and write a song about how your ex left with your dog, and all you have is your beer left, but it’ll do.

Hold on. I am gonna go write that, right now.

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

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