Kaitlyn Doubleday Dated Justin Long and Other Stuff You Didn’t Know

Kaitlyn Doubleday makes a red carpet appearance.

You know her from her role as Rhonda Lyon on the hit show Empire, but her family and friends know her as Kaitlyn Doubleday, 31-year-old actress. She’s been in a number of famous shows and films in her career, but most of those roles are limited to supporting roles and have kept her pretty much out of the headlines. Her new role, which she began starring in during early 2015, is her breakout role and it’s what’s made her become someone worth taking note. She’s now a household name in Hollywood, and that means that many people are looking to learn as much as they can about Kaitlyn Doubleday. She’s about to become a household name thanks to her newest role, and people are clamoring to learn as much as they can about the young actress.

She’s a California Girl

There is nothing quite like a California girl growing up to be an actress. She was born and raised right in the heart of Los Angeles and she grew up with her mother and her father, as well as her slightly younger sister. She’s familiar with the business, too, as she grew up so close to it and around it.

Her Family is in Show Biz

Her mom and dad were both actors when they were a bit younger; they consider themselves former actors now. Her father is Frank Doubleday and her mother Christina Hart. Her younger sister, Portia, is also an actress. At the moment, her mother has retired from acting and has moved on into the world of producer and playwright in the theater industry.

She’s Worked with Really Famous Faces

Most people don’t get the opportunity to work with the most famous faces in the world, but she’s already worked with one of the most famous. In 2002, Kaitlyn Doubleday has a supporting role in the hit movie, “Catch me if You Can,” starring none other than the very famous Leonardo DiCarprio. She’s been fortunate to get to work with actors of his caliber so she can learn the trade and perfect her own skill and craft.

She was a Leading Lady…

For one whole month, she was the leading female series in the ABC comedy series Cavemen but the series did not receive good reviews and was cancelled after only a month on the air. It was her first leading role and she was hopeful that it would be the one that made her famous. That was 2007, though, and clearly it did not make her famous enough.

She’s been in all the Best Primetime Shows

Until her role in Empire, she’s been cast as a supporting actress or as someone making a guest appearance in many shows on television. However, she’s been in some good ones. She was cast in some of my favorite shows from the past, and that might be why she is so familiar to me. She’s had roles in Without a Trace, CSI:Miami, Drop Dead Diva, The Closer, Bones, Brothers & Sisters and Criminal Minds, just to name a few. These are all hit shows with a big audience, which is why Kaitlyn Doubleday might not have a name that everyone remember (yet), but she does have a face that everyone remembers.

She Dated Justin Long

When she was younger, about 10 years younger in fact, Kaitlyn Doubleday entered into her first and only known public relationship with another actor. She famously dated Justin Long of “Jeepers Creepers” and the MAC commercials (he has since and previously dated many other very famous faces). To the public’s knowledge, this is the only high-profile relationship she’s been in to this point, but the night is still young.

Her Age

Kaitlyn Doubleday is youthful in her appearance, which is why so many people are often surprised when they learn that the actress was actually born in 1984 and is currently 31-years-old. She looks much younger, but word on the street is that she’s not had any work done so far. Of course, with her natural beauty she needs no work done to maintain her good looks. But, you know Hollywood; it might be all natural for her now, but that means nothing in the future.

Net Worth

Kaitlyn Doubleday has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. She’s earned the primary bulk of her income from her roles on television and in the movies and reportedly not from her parents, who were both actors in their prime. Most of her income now is generated from her leading role in her new series, and that’s going to make her a lot wealthier as the show becomes much more famous as it goes on.

She’s Engaged

It seems that the newly famous actress is living her dream in 2015 as all the good stuff in life has happened this year. Not only was she cast as a leading character in her very own television show, she also got engaged earlier in the year. Not only did she get engaged to the love of her life, a DJ by the name of Devin Lucien, she got engaged when the couple was enjoying a lovely vacation in Paris. That’s the kind of dream come true engagement that many women want to encounter. Her dreams are coming true this year.

She’s not Like her Character

Anyone who has not watched Empire might be surprised to learn that her character is a bit of a not-very-nice person. She’s manipulative, deceptive and kind of naughty. It’s hard to believe that this pretty young woman could be anything other than sweet as can be, and that’s probably why the role shocks so many people. However, she likes to say she’s nothing like the woman she plays on screen, who is married to the eldest of three brothers, all of whom are working hard to do whatever it takes to take over their father’s record company. She is, in fact, a self-proclaimed nice girl without a mean bone in her body.

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