Kerri Kasem: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Some of the most famous and iconic individuals in the world are musicians. From rock stars to rappers, musicians are able to touch the lives of thousands of fans. However, they would not be able to have such an impact without a platform which enables them to reach listeners. For this reason, a great deal of the success of performers is due to hosts on popular and television programs.

One of the most popular hosts today is Kerri Kasem. She is the daughter of the iconic Casey Kasem, who passed away in 2014. While her father has left an enormous impact as a radio host, Kerri has managed to forge her own successful career while following in his footsteps. She has hosted professionally since 1997. Currently, she hosts several programs, such as The Mortgage Radio Show and The Kerri Kasem Podcast. Perhaps her most important work, however, is through her charitable foundation.

While thousands of people have tuned in to hear Kasem’s voice, few people know the details of her personal life and background. While she is understandably interesting on the radio or television, as she is a highly sought-after host, her life outside of the spotlight is equally interesting. She has faced some tremendous challenges and has had a remarkable life. Here are ten of the most interesting facts about Kerri Kasem.

10. Her life has been in danger

It will surely come as a surprise that an individual like Kasem, who has had a career hosting some of radio’s most popular shows, has had some terrifying moments in her life. Although one may associate her life with nothing but glamour and fun, she was forced to have a restraining order placed against Catherine Falk. Falk, the daughter of Peter Falk, was reportedly making threats against Kasem’s life. The host brought in several witnesses for the trial, including Mickey Rourke’s daughter, Kelly. Kelly stated that Falk was obsessed with Kasem, and that she was a physical threat. Luckily, no harm has befallen the popular host.

9. She has also worked as an actress

While Kasem is best known for her diverse and successful hosting career, she has branched out into other fields as well. One of the most notable ventures of her career has been acting, as Kasem has appeared in both films and television programs. She appeared in My Life as a Troll, James Dean: Life Fast, Die Young, and even The Ben Stiller Show for an episode.

8. She appeared on a reality show

In addition to her incredible hosting career and her acting, Kasem has also entertained viewers by appearing on a reality show. In 2003, she was a contestant on Beg, Borrow & Deal, a program on ESPN. Although it lasted only two years, this was a unique program that split the contestants into teams who had to make their way across the US. However, they were not allowed to handle any money during the competition, relying on begging or borrowing.

7. She has formal training

Most people would assume that Kasem’s skill as a host was merely inherited from her father. While this may be true, she has also put a considerable amount of time and effort into honing her talents. In order to perfect her craft, she attended the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach. Clearly, her efforts in her earlier years paid off tremendously.

6. Kerri Kasem Net Worth

With a long and storied career as a popular host and actress, it is no surprise that Kasem has built a considerable personal fortune. In fact, recent estimates have her net worth at approximately $20 million. This staggering amount has been amassed largely through her hosting work. Of course, her acting jobs have paid off as well.

5. She owns a vapor store

While one would assume that someone with such a successful career as Kasem would be content with her profession, it is clear that her entrepreneurial spirit could not be satisfied with a single field. Instead, Kasem owns Good Vapor, a highly successful retailer of electronic cigarettes and accessories. The chain has three locations, and boasts the use of organic ingredients which are much healthier than those sold by most suppliers.

4. She fought for the right to see her ailing father

In addition to having her life threatened, Kasem has endured some incredibly difficult times as her father’s health declined. After being diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, Casey Kasem was left unable to care for himself. Kerri and her siblings were reportedly cut off from seeing or contacting their father by his wife, and their step-mother, Jean.

This led to Kerri’s sister applying for conservatorship. After her application was rejected, Kerri applied and was successful. She has stated that Jean’s treatment of her father was cruel and inadequate.

3. She has volunteered for the Church of Scientology

Another interesting chapter in Kasem’s life is the fact that she has worked with the Church of Scientology. Although the organization has denied that she is a member, she did volunteer with the its program to aid in relief efforts in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Kasem worked with the Volunteer Ministers program.

2. Her hosting career has been highly diverse

Like her father, Kasem has not allowed herself to be restricted to a single type of hosting. While she was been highly successful with radio shows like the Sixx Sense, she has also hosted different types of programs. This notably included hosting National Lampoon Comedy Countdown and even UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 3. From fighting to comedy to music, there are few fields in the entertainment industry that Kasem has not worked in.

1.She has her own charitable foundation

While her career has centered on hosting radio and television programs, Kasem’s most important work has been outside of the spotlight. As she had tremendous difficulty in seeing her father when he was too sick to care for himself, Kasem has come to understand that children all over the country are facing similar struggles. Consequently, she founded the Kasem Cares Foundation, which fights for children to have access to ailing parents even if opposed by step-parents. Most notably, this has taken the form of lobbying for the passage of the bill AB2034 in California, a so-called “visitation bill” that would extend the children of sick parents these rights.

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