Kyle Carlson: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Kyle Carlson was born on December 24, 1978, in Stillwater, Minnesota. He is a very handsome man who has had a successful career first in the modeling world and then in the home improvement world.  Kyle has found great success over the years, both professionally and romantically. From modeling to home improvement, he has shown that he takes on just about any project and gives it his all. It won’t be long before he is welcoming his second child into the world. Stay tuned, chances are the adorable photos of his new baby will be released soon after the birth.

If you want to learn more about Kyle, read on.

He Has a Twin Brother

Kyle has a twin brother named Lane. Of the two twins, Kyle is 6 minutes younger than his brother. The twins grew up in a large family. They have an older brother named Aaron and an older sister named Michelle. They also have a younger sister named Lynnaya.

Kyle Has a College Education

Kyle and his siblings attended Stillwater High School. After graduation, Kyle and his twin brother Lane attended Winona state University. Both brothers majored in business and they each earned their degrees.

They Were Discovered in a Mall

Kyle and his twin brother Lane had a successful modeling career. When Lane was shopping at a mall in LaCrosse, Wisconsin he met a fashion scout. In January 2000, they met with a fashion scout and they were both signed to Elite Model Management in Chicago.

He is Considered to Be a Gay Icon

Due to the homoerotic imagery of his photoshoots, Kyle quickly became a gay icon, even though he is not gay. Some consider this to be one of the reasons that both Kyle and his brother became such successful models internationally. Kyle got a great deal of public attention after he modeled naked for a very famous photographer named Bruce Weber.

He Has Worked For Several Well Known Companies

During his modeling career, Kyle worked with several well-known labels including Abercrombie and Fitch and Armani. He was also featured in Out Magazine and A&F Quarterly. He was also a very famous Calvin Klein underwear model.

He Is a Skilled Carpenter

Kyle has always had a talent for carpentry. He was regularly featured on Deservicing Design with Vern Yip. This show was on HGTV and Kyle’s main role in the show involved carpentry.

Home Improvement Shows Became His Niche

When Kyle realized that home improvement was his passion and not modeling, he decided to leave modeling behind. He starred in Mobile Home Disaster in 2005, Deserving Design in 2007, and The Outdoor Room in 2010.

Kyle is Married

In 2011, Kyle married Jessica Hall. He says that the minute he saw Jessica, that he knew that she was going to be his wife someday. Jessica is a model and also a host on Playboy Radio. The couple chose not to make their wedding a public affair. Instead, they decided to have a private, secret wedding. The only people who were invited were their closest friends and family members. The wedding took place in Kyle’s hometown of Stillwater, MN. According to Kyle, the wedding was absolutely perfect. After the couple said their vows, they danced, ate, drank, and laughed. Kyle said that his and Jessica’s wedding was everything that he hoped that it would be.

The Couple is Career Oriented

While Kyle and Jessica love to spend time together, they also are very focused on their careers. At the time of their wedding, Kyle was working on OWN’s Home Takeover! The couple had to hold off on their honeymoon because just a few days after they were married Kyle was filming the finale special of the show.

He is a Devoted Father

Kyle is the father of a beautiful daughter named Sophie. She was born on May 30, 2015. Just a few weeks before Sophie was born, Kyle took Jessica on a romantic babymoon with Jessica’s best friend, Kendra Wilkenson and her husband, Hank Baskett. The foursome traveled to Baja, California for some fun and relaxation. Recently, the couple announced that Jessica and Kyle are expecting their second child. Kyle and Jessica both want a large family, therefore, they are very excited about their second child. When asked if they want a boy or a girl, they said that they just want a healthy baby. Since there are plenty more children in their future, the gender of this child is not an issue.

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