10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About LiAngelo Ball

What do you know about LiAngelo Ball? Chances are, you know that he’s a tremendously skillful basketball player, but do you know some of the finer points of his life that concern his ability and passion for the game? What about parts of his life that don’t have anything to do with basketball whatsoever? It’s always nice to learn a little bit more about the people that you hear about in the media. Here are 10 interesting facts about LiAngelo Ball.

1. Basketball isn’t his only talent

Everybody is familiar with the name because he’s extremely capable on the basketball court, but that’s not the only game that he’s talented at. He actually played both basketball and football in high school, and he used to play games of flag football with his brothers when he was younger. Over the years, he developed quite a talent for football as well, although basketball remained his passion.

2. He has plenty of raw talent

Even without any real coaching, it was always obvious that he was talented on the basketball court. By the time he graduated high school, Ball was displaying a great deal of talent as an athlete in general. In fact, he was one of the more well-rounded athletes throughout his high school career.

3. He was something of a prodigy

Ball was so talented when it came to playing basketball that he was playing against 4th and 5th graders when he was just in kindergarten. More importantly, he was holding his own against these individuals who were easily several years older than he was. This is when people really started to take notice, as it isn’t that often that you see someone in kindergarten who is capable of playing at the level of someone who is 11 or 12 years old.

4. His brothers play as well

There’s no doubt about it, he comes from a talented family. Both of his brothers also play basketball and as previously mentioned, they would all play games of flag football together.

5. He was involved in an alleged shoplifting crime

When he was in China with other teammates, he was allegedly involved in a crime where he and several other teammates decided to steal some sunglasses. Things are a lot different in China than they are in the United States, and all of these individuals were detained. They faced possible jail time in China and it was only through the efforts of American diplomats that they were eventually returned to the U.S.

6. He was suspended in college

At the time of his alleged shoplifting incident, he was playing basketball for UCLA. Once he came back to the United States, the college suspended him indefinitely. He eventually became frustrated with the situation and quit the team, leaving college in hopes of a professional career. It was later revealed that had he stayed, he would not have been allowed to play for the remainder of the season.

7. He was involved in some drama that centered around the NBA draft

When he decided to quit college ball, he became a professional player in Argentina. His ultimate goal was the NBA and he wanted to be scouted for the 2018 draft. He found out that scouts were at a particular game where he was playing, one where he put all of his talent on full display. However, there were later allegations that the game was staged. To this day, there are still conflicting reports about whether or not anything actually happened to alter the outcome of game.

8. He’s a Sagittarius

Some people like to know the astrological sign of individuals and others really couldn’t care less. If you happen to be one of the individuals that has an interest in this sort of thing, you now know what LiAngelo Ball’s astrological sign is.

9. He has his own line of clothing

When he was still in high school, he and his brothers developed their own line of clothing. The goal was to market the clothing line through their success in basketball, ultimately with the hopes of getting a big payday if they could get a major sporting goods company to either purchase their clothing line or provide them with a sponsorship deal.

10. He meets his challenges head-on

People don’t always agree with LiAngelo Ball, but he does have a tendency to meet his challenges as opposed to running from them. Even when it creates controversy, it’s usually because he’s actively involved in trying to do something to handle the situation as opposed to merely hoping it will go away on its own.

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