10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mark Dice

Depending on how you spend your free time, you may or may not know who Mark Dice is. Even if you don’t necessarily spend a lot of free time in his world, so to speak, you might be keenly aware of who he is based on some of the things that he’s done. There’s no doubt that this individual, born in 1977, has managed to polarize a lot of individuals. If you want to know why, you can find out by reading 10 things about him listed below.

1. Mark Dice is not his real name

For starters, you should know that Mark Dice is not his real name. He actually shortened his last name from Shouldice to Dice a number of years ago. Of course, that doesn’t really have any bearing on anything else in this article, but it’s good to know for informational purposes anyway.

2. He got famous on YouTube

Like so many other people in this generation, he’s managed to get famous mainly on YouTube. The big difference is that he’s a little bit older than most people that managed to pull this off. The majority of people that become YouTube stars, so to speak, are in their teens or early twenties. It’s relatively rare to find someone that was born in the 1970s that finds their greatest fame making YouTube videos, but you do have a perfect example of that right here.

3. He’s what’s known as a conspiracy theorist

The reason for his fame is hotly contested. He is what people call a conspiracy theorist, believing that there is a conspiracy in almost everything and posting videos discussing such topics on YouTube, often calling out the government and just about everybody else in order to reveal whatever conspiracy he’s talking about at the time. That doesn’t mean that there necessarily is a conspiracy, but he seems to think that there is one just about everywhere he looks.

4. He usually posts stuff about 9/11

Typically, you can find him posting videos about a handful of different things and the events of September 11th, 2001 seem to be one of his favorite topics. He routinely posts videos saying that the entire event was orchestrated by our own government and that there was no reason to go to Afghanistan to begin with because they had nothing to do with it. If you really want to get people riled up, that’s a good way to do it.

5. He also posts a lot of stuff about secret societies

When he’s not posting about 9/11, he posts about secret societies such as Satan worshippers and the Illuminati, saying that many people within our government and other governments around the world are members of both groups and that the reason for their positions of leadership is to create a New World Order where they will be in control of virtually everything.

6. He’s published a couple of books

He has published some traditional books that are in print but the subject matter is anything but traditional. To date, he has published two different books on the existence of the Illuminati, mainly pertaining to its connection to the United States government. He even managed to land a segment on an episode featured on the History Channel at one point. He seems thoroughly convinced that the Illuminati actually exist and whether they do or not, he’s spreading word.

7. He has targeted a number of celebrities

He also likes to point out celebrities that for one reason or another, he believes to be part of the Illuminati or part of a satanic worship group. He’s not afraid to name names and it wasn’t all that long ago that Katy Perry ended up under a microscope because he said that she was actually part of a satanic cult and that if people would pay attention, they could see a bunch of secret signs that she would present during performances. Beyonce was also on that list, as were number of additional celebrities.

8. He also targets major sports venues

He also made the comment that when the Super Bowl is played, the halftime show is actually full of secret messages for the Illuminati. In fact, he seems to believe that the entire halftime show is nothing but one big message from members of Illuminati in one part of the world to members of the secret society in another.

9. He involves the military

He has also sent videos overseas to the military that are full of his conspiracy theories, stating that the people that are fighting over there have a right to know what’s really going on. It’s hard to imagine that many of these videos actually made it to the Troops, but he did at least make the effort.

10. Other people have gotten in trouble because of him

Not too long ago, a radio host got into a great deal of trouble because he had negative things to say about this individual, especially with regard to sending videos to the troops. He ended up being forced to apologize for his comments and it created something of a firestorm while Dice seemed to get off without even a slap on the wrist.

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