The 20 Most Hated Celebrities of 2021

Bill Cosby

Not even celebrities are immune to the hate of the masses. With the surge of social media, people have become more and more vocal about their opinions and have used different platforms to voice out what they feel or think. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hatred going on out there. Some celebrities may be hated for solid reasons; others may be hated just because they are who they are. 2021 is soon over, and some celebrities may be walking into 2022 still with a target on their backs. Here are the 20 most hated celebrities of 2021.

Chris Brown

20. Chris Brown

Here’s another tale of the public’s inability to forget. There was a time when Chris Brown had such a promising future and bright career. The extremely talented star was the ultimate triple threat. He could do it all. But hurt Rihanna once, and you’ll never see the light of fame again. Chris Brown assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, and the world has never seen him the same again. Brown has shed new light into what happened that night in his documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, but it doesn’t bring back what has already been lost.

Ariana Grande

19. Ariana Grande

She’s a diva, alright, and she’s got the diva sense to go along with it. Ariana Grande is arguably one of the most talented artists of her generation. She can sing like an angel and dance like a dream. She’s got acting chops and can make you laugh in a heartbeat. However, with great talent comes great attitudes too. Ariana Grande is reportedly one of the biggest divas in the neighborhood. We can totally see it. Even on stage she comes off like a diva.

Demi Lovato

18. Demi Lovato

A talented singer and actress, Demi Lovato just can’t seem to get it right. She’s literally all over the place. She’s this one day and that on another. Lovato has also been caught in a lie. She’s claimed throughout her career that she was bullied, when all this time she was actually the bully. She has a history of physical violence against other people; she says some pretty bizarre things; she disses her friends online; and she’s nasty to her fans. If that’s not enough to hate Demi Lovato, we’re not sure what is.

Gwyneth Paltrow

17. Gwyneth Paltrow

She’s an Academy Award-winning actress. She’s Pepper Potts. She seems as sweet as can be, but Gwyneth Paltrow is actually hated by many. It could be a female-to-female specific hate, as those who subscribe to the logic state that the hate is mostly for just how she is. She likes to say things that don’t make sense, sometimes even things that are downright offensive. Her company, Goop, is basically a reflection of her. It often sells unsolicited lifestyle advice that oftentimes are just too cringey. The site also tends to sell a lot of products that are pretty much total nonsense. Paltrow just comes off too pretentious, or maybe she just naturally is.

Jake Paul

16. Jake Paul

The Logan Brothers started off like any other YouTuber. Logan and Jake Paul were clearly talented, charismatic, funny, and entertaining. However, the two has pushed too many inappropriate limits that even long-time fans began to say goodbye. The Paul brothers have done so many immature things, including a highly offensive video on Japan’s suicide forest. Although the brothers are both venturing into new industries today, the haters are still piling on.

James Charles

15. James Charles

If you’re not familiar with James Charles, you’re probably not on YouTube enough. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as YouTube has become a breeding ground for infamy these days. Makeup artist and vlogger James Charles found his fortune creating makeup videos and tutorials. Over the last few years, the vlogger has amassed an impressive 25.7 million followers on YouTube alone. However, Charles has faced many allegations and negative circumstances throughout his career, and he has slowly lost supporters and contract because of them. Some have claimed Charles to be racist and petty.

Justin Bieber

14. Justin Bieber

We get why Justin Bieber might’ve been hated 5 or 10 years ago, but it’s hard to pinpoint why people still hate him today. It must be a simple case of unforgiveness. Justin Bieber’s career is on a plateau at the moment, but there was a time when he sank into a valley so low—we didn’t think he was going to get out. But he did, and he has reclaimed his career ever since. Many haters don’t like the music he’s putting out, even though he’s collaborated on the most streamed song ever (Despacito at 4.6 billion streams). It seems Bieber is still recovering from the sins of his youth. Give it time and the hate might disappear.

Elon Musk

13. Elon Musk

The hatred for Elon Musk is odd, probably as odd as the man is. Musk is currently the wealthiest man in the world, so there could be some hatred stemming off of that. Apart from wealth, however, there aren’t really anything super specific as to why there’s so much hate for him. Some people say it’s because of the way he’s reacted to the pandemic. Some others say they just don’t think Musk has any ethical standards. Either way, Musk isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He’s developing technology that’s already propelling us into the future of space exploration, but people are saying that it isn’t enough.

Harvey Weinstein

12. Harvey Weinstein

So many A-list actresses has come forward about the whole Harvey Weinstein thing. The film producer is now a convicted sex offender with a sentence of 23 years in prison. Can a man really be that powerful to force so many other powerful people to submission? It seems so in this case. Weinstein is one of the most hated celebrities today because of his crimes and the hurt he has perpetrated in the industry.

James Corden

11. James Corden

It may seem like James Corden has one of the best late-night shows at the moment. He’s done some fantastic segments such as carpool karaoke, and he also just seems to be a real likeable guy. But it turns out that there are enough people that actually hate James Corden for it to be a thing. Some people believe that the nice guy routine is not genuine, while others say that he’s more annoying than funny. More so, Corden has been caught on camera being rude and giving an attitude to people he’s encountered. It’s also been reported that he treats his staff the same way.

Paula Deen

10. Paula Deen

Paula Deen was everywhere. Then she was not. The gray-haired grandma of all disappeared from the public eye ever since she was accused of being racist and using slanderous racial slurs in her workplace. Racial discrimination and sexual harassment were just two of the many things that made Deen lose everything overnight. She’s also been accused of being hypocritical about her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Deen is famous for her not-so-healthy-but-scrumptious recipes. She claims she’s not changing anything about the way she cooks or eats, but she’s also become the face of the diabetes medication Victoza.

Kanye West

9. Kanye West

It’s a love/hate relationship we’ve got going on with Kanye West. West is an incredibly talented musician with a bit of a mental health issue. West is known to be bipolar, but that’s not why people hate him. He has always done outlandishly rude and mean things throughout his career, and there’s no telling whether it’s his disorder to blame or not. Either way, his disorder is not an excuse for notoriety. When he is on his medication, he manages to stay calm, connected, and cool. West may just be a little too out there for a lot of people. They may like his music, but many fans don’t necessarily like him.

Chrissy Teigen

8. Chrissy Teigen

Everyone seems to hate on Chrissy Teigen these days. Not too long ago, Teigen and her husband John Legend are two of the most adored celebrity couples. Teigen has always been controversial, and many of her tweets have been boggling people for years now. It wasn’t until more of her obnoxious patterns emerged that people really began to see Teigen for who she was—hungry for attention and willing to do anything to please herself without thinking of consequences. Teigen has even told a 16-year-old to kill herself. It’s disturbing to say the least, especially since a lot of young girls look up to her.

Ellen DeGeneres

7. Ellen DeGeneres

She has made us laugh for decades. For years, Ellen DeGeneres has the best show on morning television. She brought hope and genuine joy to her viewers. However, new information has surfaced in recent months stating that the kindness and niceness she portrays on TV is not at all genuine. Former staffers and guests have come forward to share what it’s really like to work with and work for Ellen, which is not good to say the least. Thousands of people have come out with stories of their mean encounters with Ellen. It’s not clear which are real or not, but we all get the gist.

Kardashian Jenner

6. The Kardashians

You either love them or hate them, or maybe you just don’t care enough to have an opinion. The majority claims hate for the Kardashians is a real and passionate thing. The reality TV stars have found success in most things they’ve tried. They’re beautiful, accomplished, and maybe a little too shallow at times. But why are they so hated? It could be jealousy on some parts, but many claim that the Kardashians reflect everything that’s wrong with society today—too much concern on the outside and not enough concern on the inside.

Amber Heard

5. Amber Heard

If she could be described in one way, Amber Heard is a mess. The 35-year old actress has been in hot water ever since she accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp of assault and abuse. She’s claimed to be the victim on many occasions, but there have been some evidence that suggests Johnny Depp is actually the victim and the abused in this situation. Amber Heard seems to have questionable credibility, and Johnny Depp has had fellow celebrities, former partners, and other people come out in support of him. Amber Heard has essentially ruined her career and has even damaged that of Depp’s.

Mark Zuckerberg

4. Mark Zuckerberg

The answer is obvious. People hate Mark Zuckerberg because of the very thing he has created—Facebook—and all that is implied with it. Zuckerberg is clearly one of the chosen ones. He’s brilliant, successful, benevolent, innovative, and so forth. He’s had a wildly prosperous career, and he’s not even halfway done yet. The problem with Zuckerberg and his creations has always been tied to the way he collects data, uses it on his platforms, and makes us all feel like we’re being watched 24/7.

Joe Biden

3. Joe Biden

The 46th president of United States, Joe Biden, sank quickly in the ratings department quickly during his first year of presidency. He took office in January 2021, and by November 2021, his approval rating less than 40 percent, and his vice president’s approval rating is well below even that. Following his disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the sinking economy, rising gas prices, staggering inflation, and the fact that he doesn’t make appearances and is rarely seen, it’s not a shocking situation to find him on this list.

Donald Trump

2. Donald Trump

The political atmosphere of the United States has been heightened ever since former president Donald Trump first announced that he was running for office back in 2015. Although the general population may claim to have dislike for Trump, the former TV icon actually has many supporters—enough to put him into office at least. The hatred for Trump is interesting. Most people hate him for who he is as a person and how he presents himself rather than his politics. Trump has extremely low favorability ratings with about 58% of Americans holding an unfavorable view yet he still has supporters across the world.

Bill Cosby

1. Bill Cosby

Who was once a beloved and much admired man has now become one of the most hated by many. Bill Cosby has been suffering the consequences of his actions for many years now, and it seems that the hatred isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The actor has been accused of drugging and raping about 60 women from 1965 to 2008. These atrocities came to light around 2005, and Bill Cosby has been hated by the public since. There are many lawsuits against Cosby, and the matter is extremely complicated. Currently, Cosby is serving a 3 to 10-year sentence at a maximum-security facility outside of Philadelphia.

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