10 Predictions for the Newest Season of Dancing with the Stars

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It’s happening in just a few weeks, and we cannot wait; it’s the brand new season of Dancing with the Stars, and this year’s group of famous people dancing is better than ever. From Olympic swimmers to controversial talk show hosts and a reality television star significantly shorter than her partner, we cannot wait to see what the new season entails. The cast includes the following stars, all dancing with former pros, some returning after a long break, and some back again to repeat their wins (and one new dancer).

  • Terra Jole
  • Amber Rose
  • Laurie Hernandez
  • Maureen McCormick
  • Marilu Henner
  • Rick Perry
  • Jake T. Austin
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Kenneth Babyface Edmonds
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Vanilla Ice
  • James Hinchcliffe
  • Jana Kramer

With a lineup full of current superstars and living legends, it’s not hard to see why we are so excited abou the upcoming season. Of course, we think that there will be a lot more than just dancing entertainment. Before we go there, of course, we have to admit that we haven’t watched in a few seasons, but my husband and I will be tuning in this season to see who leaves with the mirror ball trophy – and we have a few thoughts upfront. Here’s what we think we can expect from the upcoming season of DWTS.

An apology

Ryan Lochte is not really all that popular right now after he blatantly lied to the entire world about being held at gunpoint in Rio, and we know why the Olympic swimmer is part of the show. He’s got to do something to gain him some new fans, and what better way than to put himself into the living rooms of all of America every week so he can change his reputation by behaving and acting like less of, well, himself.

Some embarrassment

Now that we know Ryan Lochte is going to be part of the show, we firmly expect to see him embarrassed. He has to face the world after lying to them, and we think that he will be at least a little bit contrite about the entire situation. We hope so, anyway. He should be embarrassed, and he will probably go home early.

Lots of Amber Rose

And we mean this in that she will show as much skin as she possibly can. She’s someone who loves to flaunt it, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she did a bit of her slut walk on the stage. Of course, ABC is going to monitor her clothing and her plans very carefully since they do have to keep things appropriate, but we have a feeling she’s going to do whatever she can to make sure she pushes the envelope as often as possible.

Killer Abs

We know that the dancers love to show off their bodies, and there are a ton of athletes on the show this season. What that says to us is that we might just see some killer abs all over the place. We suspect that pro dancer Alison Holker will show off hers, even though she just had a baby a few months ago. We can’t wait to see what killer shape she is in now that she’s back on the dance floor.

A winning gymnast

We’re going to go ahead and call it right now. We think that the 16-year-old girl brought home gold from the Rio Olympics this year during her first ever appearance is going to take home the trophy. It’s her year, and she’s already proved to us she’s talented. Gymnasts have a history of being amazing dancers, and we think she’s the one to watch.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

We already know that Maureen McCormick is going to be part of the show, and we think we are going to see a bit of backstory here. She’s the woman who played the big sister that everyone was jealous of all the time on a famous sitcom, but we are willing to bet she has a few things to say about that to the rest of the world. We cannot wait.

Good music

When Babyface is part of the dancing cast, we have to assume that the music will be even better this year than it was in the past. We aren’t going to say that this is a guarantee, but we can say that if we do get to hear some of his music, we will be very excited.

Some excitement

Derek Hough is a winner, and he’s known for making his partners do things outside their comfort zones. We don’t think he will be any different when it comes to seeing his partner Marilu Henner dance. He’s going to push her outside her comfort zone, and we think that it’s going to be quite good. We do suspect she might be quite the dancer.

Ice, Ice Baby

May we just point out that we’ve never been so excited to see someone on a show as we are Vanilla Ice? I love him on HGTV with his wanna-be hardcore personality and his home renovations, and I love that one song he made a hit about a thousand years ago. Seriously, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that some people probably don’t think he can dance, but I’m willing to bet he’s got more moves than people will give him credit for. I think it might be a good show, and I think he might be the dark horse. And I guarantee that if he makes it to the finals, we’ll hear his music. We can only hope!

Cheryl Burke’s discomfort

Imagine coming back to the show to dance only to find out that the man who the entire world currently has an issue with is your partner. He’s rumored to be a diva, he’s rumored to be someone who needs constant attention, and he’s rumored to be difficult. I think we might see that Cheryl Burke is not overly thrilled to be partnered with Ryan Lochte, but she will be a class act about the entire situation.

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