Our Five Favorite DWTS Highlights So Far This Season

ryan lochte

Dancing with the Stars is back and it’s better than ever. We say that like we didn’t know it would be more amazing than ever before with the selection of celebrities this year or something. With controversial Olympian Ryan Lochte, massively famous singer Babyface and some of the best celebrities of all time gracing the stage with some of our favorite pros, we knew that this season would be one for the books. It’s only one week in, and we’re already dying of excitement over everything that’s happened. We have so many things that we love most already, and our list of highlights is longer than we thought that it would be; it’s posing a problem to choose only five of them for your reading pleasure. I’ll do my best, but don’t yell at me if I missed your favorite; there are so many!

Babyface’s discomfort

He’s working with a brand new mom, Allison Holker, and he does not feel good being sexy. He didn’t have  much of a choice this week, however, and now he is doing his best to pretend he’s good with it. We love him – and have our entire lives – and we were just dying when he pulled off his amazing Argentine Tango (only because it’s our favorite dance every single year) and did it without actually looking like he might vomit when they had to bring sexy back.

Everything Laurie Hernandez

Does her existence count as a highlight?! She’s seriously talented, but we knew she would be. When she was compared to Beyonce, I thought she might die of shock and excitement. I mean, I would. Julianne Hough is one of the most talented dancers in the world, and it made Laurie’s day to hear her call her a Disney version of Beyonce. Us too, really.

Witney Carson as Peg Bundy

For no other reason than the fact that everyone loves Peg Bundy, this was our absolutely favorite thing ever to happen so far this season. Do I really need to go on with it? If you didn’t catch this one, you are seriously missing out in a way I cannot even explain to you.

Ryan Lochte’s Attack

I am not highlighting the fact that people rushed the stage and tried to attack the Olympian; that was not cool. I think it was awful and that it was horrible that anyone would do something like that and put that much fear into a person. However, I am going to highlight that for a different reason. Perhaps this is what he needs to learn that he cannot just say whatever he wants without facing serious consequences. He went to Rio, lied badly, hurt people, hurt a nation (two, really) and then he came to be part of DWTS like it was his apology. Perhaps this was a lesson for him (a horrible one) that his words are powerful and he should use them for good rather than evil.

Amber Rose’s Boots

I mean, her Viennese Waltz was simply not all that, though we did appreciate the GoT theme that went along with it. What we loved most about this dance, however, was the fact that she basically told the judges that it has nothing to do with her own abilities or talent and that the dance was poor because of her boots. Yes, her boots. Perhaps they were made for walking, but certainly not for dancing.

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