20 of Our Favorite Gemini Celebrities

Amy Schumer

Energetic, quick-witted, versatile, impossible to embarrass… if any star sign was born to make it big in Hollywood, it’s the Gemini. They’ve got a talent for communication, a flair for expression, and are always the life and soul of the party. But despite their sparkly personalities and habit of speaking without a filter, they’re surprisingly complex, hiding wells of deep, emotional depths beneath the surface. Find out which big names can thank their star status on their star sign as we take a look at some of our favorite Gemini celebrities.

Kanye West

1. Kanye West

If there’s one thing Geminis have a lot of, it’s opinions. But do they keep those opinions to themselves? Of course not. If they’ve got something on their mind, it’s going to come out. It might not always be pretty, but it’ll always be honest. If any celebrity lives up to the Gemini’s reputation for filter-free truth spilling, it’s rapper Kanye West, whose outspoken views and habit of making polarizing remarks about everything from race and slavery to music and fashion have come to define him almost as much as his music.

Kendrick Lamar

2. Kendrick Lamar

Rapper Kendrick Lamar was born in Compton, California on June 08, 1977. Since he broke into the mainstream with the triple platinum-selling Good Kid, M.A.A.D City in 2012, he’s come to be regarded as one of the most influential rappers of his generation, winning 13 Grammy Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, an Academy Award nomination, and multiple other awards. Three of his albums have been named to Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and in 2015, he received the California State Senate’s Generational Icon Award. When he’s not picking up awards or dropping seminal albums, he’s rapping about how proud he is to be a Gemini – according to Horoscope.com, he’s referenced his placement in at least five songs to date.

Angelina Jolie

3. Angelina Jolie

Geminis have natural magnetism – when they walk into a room, all eyes will immediately turn on them. They’re also excellent multitaskers who can turn their hand to numerous things at once. Very much like Angelina Jolie then, an actress born in LA, California on June 4, 1975. Not only does she possess her Zodiac’s natural magnetism, but she’s also managed to juggle her work in the movie business with serving as a Unicef ambassador – two very different activities, but, judging from how many awards she’s won for both acting and philanthropy, ones she does very well.

Johnny Depp

4. Johnny Depp

According to zodiacfire.com, Geminis are usually extremely independent and self-reliant and much prefer to forge their own path in life than live in someone else’s shadow. They live life on their own terms and refuse to be controlled or boxed. They can also occasionally be erratic, compulsive, and prone to throwing their money around without too much thought for the consequences. Considering the career choices he’s made (what other actor has jumped from indie roles to commercial blockbusters and back again so many times and got away with it?) and everything we know about his personal life (either from interviews or from all those court cases), it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Johnny Depp, who was born June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky, is a man who lives up to his Zodiac sign.

Donald Trump

5. Donald Trump

Geminis rarely get tongue-tied and can find a way of communicating exactly what they’re thinking. Even if their opinions aren’t popular or are sometimes just plain wrong, their powers of persuasion can bring people round to their way of thinking. According to allure.com, they also love tweeting almost as much as they love talking in real life – in fact, the act of expression is often more important to them than what’s actually being said, a trait that can sometimes rub people up the wrong way. But no matter how shameful their foot-in-mouth moments are, Geminis move too fast to get caught up in the detail or worry about all those embarrassing little missteps. Does any of this remind you of a certain former president?

Morgan Freeman

6. Morgan Freeman

Beneath the bright, quick-witted exterior of the Gemini lies great, hidden depths. Depicted by the Twins, they tend to have a dual personality – and a love for showing off both sides. As astrologyanswers.com points out, the dual and metaphysically inclined nature of a Gemini is shown in the types of complex characters Gemini actor Morgan Freeman often plays, while his air of self-assurance is typical of his star sign.

Ian McKellen

7. Ian McKellen

Actor Ian McKellen was born on 25 May 1939 in Lancashire, England. By the end of the 1960s, he’d already established himself as one of the UK’s foremost classical actors. He’s now a British cultural icon whose performances in films like “Lord of the Rings” and countless stage productions have, as the BBC has said, “guaranteed him a place in the canon of English stage and film actors.” He can thank his talent for that, but he might want to give a bit of credit to his Gemini sun sign for his skill at portraying quirky, complex characters too.

Anderson Cooper

8. Anderson Cooper

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it’s rarely done a Gemini any harm. With their insatiable thirst for knowledge, they’re always observing what’s happening around them, absorbing everything they see and hear with a sometimes unnerving knack for sorting the truth from the fiction. They’re also born communicators with the gift of the gab. Considering all that, it’s little wonder that broadcast journalist and political commentator Anderson Cooper has risen to the top of his game at CNN and CBS, despite having no formal education in journalism.

Paul McCartney

9. Paul McCartney

Even people who’ve got no interest in music know the name Paul McCartney. Not only was he a member of one of the biggest bands in the world (and no, we don’t mean Wings), he’s also carved out an incredibly successful career as a solo artist. He’s been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice (both as a Beatle and a solo artist), won 18 Grammy Awards, been made a knight for his services to music, and accrued a net worth estimated by Celebrity Net Worth as $1.2 billion. He can thank his passion for communication on his Gemini star sign. Gemini’s love love too, and the three times married superstar has certainly sung about it often enough for us to suspect he’s not averse to a little bit of romance.

Helena Bonham Carter

10. Helena Bonham Carter

As zodiacfire.com says, Geminis can be random, unpredictable, and downright weird at times. They hate anything dull and ordinary, while their passion for mixing things up can leave people never quite sure what they’re going to do next. Helena Bonham Carter, who was born on 26 May 1966 in Islington, South London, is an actress who’s always pushed against the grain, whether in her quirky fashion or her choice of acting roles, which has seen her play everything from Princess Magaret in “The Crown” to Bellatrix Lestrange in the final four “Harry Potter” films, Enid Blyton in “Enid” to Mrs. Lovett in “Sweeney Todd.”

Octavia Spencer

11. Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer is an acclaimed actress with an awards cabinet growing under the weight of Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since making her film debut in the 1996 drama “A Time to Kill,” she’s stolen the show in almost everything she’s appeared in, including “The Help,” “Fruitvale Station,” “Hidden Figures,” Gifted,” “Ma” and “Truth Be Told.” She’s also the author of the children’s book series “Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective.” Gemini’s dislike being boxed in; true to form, Spencer has refused to allow herself to be pigeonholed, applying her talents to a huge variety of very different roles and opportunities.

Nicole Kidman

12. Nicole Kidman

A Gemini is a chameleon, someone with inner depths who can adapt to different situations at the flip of a switch. They also have a talent for communicating, something that has certainly helped Nicole Kidman become one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. The American-born, Australian actress was born on 20 June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some of her most famous roles over the years include Virginia Woolf in “The Hours” (for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress), a courtesan in “Moulin Rouge,” and Celeste Wright in the TV series, “Big Little Lies,” a role that earned her Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Limited Series as an executive producer.

Clint Eastwood

13. Clint Eastwood

After beginning his career in the Western TV series Rawhide, Clint Eastwood rose to international stardom as the “Man with No Name” in Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy” of Spaghetti Westerns in the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s, he cemented his status as one of Hollywood’s most popular actors with the role of Harry Callahan in the “Dirty Harry” franchise. Since then, he’s continued to enjoy success in acting while also branching into directing and producing. He’s won numerous accolades over his career, including four Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, three César Awards, and an AFI Life Achievement Award. Born on May 31, 1930, in San Fransisco, he can thank his Gemini sign for his awe-inspiring versatility, not to mention a romantic streak that’s resulted in three marriages, countless relationships, and seven children.

Naomi Campbell

14. Naomi Campbell

True to her star sign, Naomi Campbell is someone who was born for the spotlight. Regardless of what room she walks into, the fashion icon is always sure to draw attention.

Tom Holland

15. Tom Holland

Gemini’s have big imaginations and a love for adventure. They also like to keep people on their toes by making it almost impossible to predict what they’ll do next. Who could be better for the role of Spider-Man, then, than Gemini Tom Holland, an Engish actor whose starring role in the disaster film “The Impossible” proved successful enough to land him the role of Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s since been keeping fans happy in films like “Captain America: Civil War,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Chris Evans

16. Chris Evans

Gemini’s have vivid imaginations, something Chris Evans has no doubt been able to draw on as Captain America in the Avenger movies. Born on June 13, 1981, in Boston, Massachusetts, Evans made his film debut in “Not Another Teen Movie” in 2001. The movie was panned, but Evans was impressive enough in his role as a high school footballer to land a lead role in the indie film, “Fierce People.” After that, the roles started flooding in. In 2011, he started in his first of many MCU films, “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Subsequent appearances in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Avengers,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “Avengers: Endgame” have turned him into one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Bob Dylan

17. Bob Dylan

Gemini’s are restless souls who hate to feel trapped. They crave new experiences, despise routine, and rarely stay in one place for too long. The perfect personally, as it turns out, for a life on the road. It could also explain why legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan rarely sings the same song the same way twice and has spent most of his life traveling from one town to the next on his never-ending tour.

Colin Farrell

18. Colin Farrell

Gemini’s might be hopeless romantics, but they don’t like routine and hate feeling caged in. They’re happiest at the start of a relationship when everything is new and exciting. Once the novelty wears off, they can quickly lose interest. With a series of high-profile relationships under his belt and two children from different mothers, Irish actor Colin Farrell is a classic Gemini when it comes to relationships. He’s also got the gift of the gab and a chameleon-like talent for morphing from one identity to the next in his film roles – two more things he can thank his star sign for.

Alanis Morissette

19. Alanis Morissette

Gemini’s tend to experience intense emotions, veering from huge highs to exhausting lows. They also like to draw on their flair from communication by telling people all about these emotions. True to her star sign, Canadian singer Alanis Morissette doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is, something that may explain her nickname of the “queen of alt-rock angst.”

Amy Schumer

20. Amy Schumer

Gemini’s like to live life on their own terms. They’re self-reliant and prefer to forge their own path than live by someone else’s rules. They were also born without a filter, always ready to say the first thing that pops into their head even if it gets them into trouble. Comedian Amy Schumer has made her name saying the kinds of things that would make other people blush, but her sparkly personality will always raise a smile no matter what.

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