20 of Our Favorite Celebrities From Florida

Ariana Grande

From Ariana Grande to Jason Derulo, the state of Florida has produced a slew of some of the most amazing icons the world has ever seen. Also referred to as the Sunshine State, Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the United States, with approximately 1,000 people moving to this state each day. Tallahassee is Florida’s capital city and has the benefit of enjoying the longest coastline in all of America. Florida is well-known across the globe for its amusement parks, beach resorts, nautical recreation, plus its warm and sunny climate. Attractions such as Walt Disney World, Miami Beach, and the Kennedy Space Center attract millions of tourists annually. The Miami metropolitan area is Florida’s most populous and well-known region, and it continues to attract celebrities and legends from all walks of life. European, Hispanic, Native American, African American, and Latino culture and heritage stand out in Florida’s cuisine, architecture, and culture. Florida is also one of the best performing states in the US, economically. As a result, it is not surprising that many famous people are from this beautiful ‘land of flowers.’ As a powerhouse in the fields of entertainment, sports, business, and other endeavors, here are 20 of the world’s most well-known celebrities who you may not have been aware were from Florida.

20. Danielle Bregoli

A native of Florida, Bregoli is well-known for her work as an American rapper, internet sensation, and television personality. Danielle Bregoli, commonly known as “Bhad Bhabie,” appeared in one of “Dr. Phil” segments, which catapulted her into the media and public eye. After the show, Bregoli was featured as the main character of the viral video meme and catchphrase, “cash me outside, how ’bout dah?” “These Heaux” and “Hi Bich” are some of the singles released by Bregoli. Her talent and work got her nominated for the 2018 Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Female Artist and the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Award.

19. Jason Derulo

Born and raised in Miramar, Florida, Jason Derulo started his musical career early. While attending performing arts schools in Florida, Derulo started music composition, where he wrote his first song at the age of eight. He began his career as a songwriter, writing great, romantic lyrics for Cassie, Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, and Danity Kane. His debut single “Whatcha Say” peaked at #1 in the US and New Zealand and sold over five million digital downloads, making him rise to international fame. Since the beginning of his solo musical career in 2009, Derulo has sold over 30 million singles worldwide and has attained eleven platinum singles.

18. Chris Evert

Chris Evert is a well-known former American professional tennis player. She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, into a tennis family as their lifestyle. Constant practice as a child greatly played a role in helping Chris Evert become the No. 1 junior player in the ‘Under 14’ age group. Her strong-willed and stoic nature earned her the nickname “Ice Princess” from her fans and the media. Chris Evert made a difference in her professional tennis career because she was a member of the sport when it was first gaining notice from a global audience. Her enthusiasm for tennis has not faded, and she now runs a tennis coaching academy in Florida. In addition, she is a tennis analyst for a US-based sports channel and a publisher of a sports magazine.

17. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama is one of the most famous actors, singers, and producers globally. Many people know him for his role as Fez in the period sitcom “That ’70s Show.” Valderrama has been featured in prominent films like “Party Monster,” “Beauty Shop,” “Fast Food Nation,” and “Larry Crowne.” In the animated family film “Charming,” he voiced the character Prince Philippe Charming. In addition to his acting career, he is also well-known for his philanthropic initiatives.

16. Kodak Black

Kodak Black, the “No Flockin” hitmaker, was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, into a family with Haitian roots. He is a controversial American rapper, with his other singles like “Tunnel Vision” and “Roll In Peace” being successes in the music industry. Since childhood, being a rapper was always his dream; he is living his dream. Drake previously posted a video of himself dancing to Kodak’s song “Skrt,” which skyrocketed Kodak to popularity. Kodak Black fits the bill as one of our favorite celebrities from Florida.

15. Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph started appearing in the local theater early in her childhood by following her mother’s footsteps. Maya later started to develop some interest in music as she was still growing up. In 2000, one of Maya’s dreams of appearing on “Saturday Night Live,” a famous television show, came true. Maya Rudolph has been nominated for two important awards, the “Emmys” and the “Screen Actors Guild Awards,” for her work.

14. Pitbull

Born to Cuban immigrant parents, Pitbull is an award-winning rapper and singer born and raised in Miami, Florida. His family played a massive role in encouraging him to take advantage of the several opportunities that came with living in America. Armando Christian Perez is his real name, while Pitbull is his stage name. After completing his studies and graduating, Pitbull shifted his focus to his music. Pitbull has sold more than 25 million studio albums and over 100 million singles globally. Billboard recognized him as the 45th top artist of the 2010s and the 24th top Latin artist of the 2010s.

13. Antonio Brown

From 2010 to 2018, Antonio Brown served as the wide receiver and punt returner for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Later on, Antonio was shifted to the “Oakland Raiders,” and then the “New England Patriots” signed him. The famous “Arena Football League” player was his father. Antonio Brown also went on to set a slew of new records. Antonio is now regarded as the top wide receiver in the “NFL.” He was named to the “Pro Bowl” seven times and the “First Team All-Pro” four times.

12. Tiffany Trump

Being the daughter of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is one of the significant factors that have placed her in the limelight. She aspired to be a star in the entertainment world and worked as an intern for Vogue magazine for some time, where she was equipped with some knowledge about the entertainment industry. She released her first music single during her college years, “Like A Bird.” The track received favorable reviews from critics, identifying her as a promising performer in the United States. Tiffany Trump continued promoting her music videos on her various social media platforms. In an interview, Tiffany stated that if her aspirations to study law do not come to fruition, she would like to pursue a full-time career in music.

11. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes was born in Miami, Florida, but raised in Los Angeles. She is a famous and talented actress, model, and businesswoman. Eva’s acting career kicked off with her appearing in several films like “Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror” and “Urban Legends: Final Cut.” Mendes’ performance and appearance in Training Day (2001) paved the way for her to appear in commercially successful films, including “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Hitch.” Mendes has also performed in various music videos for musicians such as Will Smith and served as a brand ambassador for multiple brands.

10. YNW Melly

Jamell Maurice Demons is a talented rapper born and raised in Gifford, Florida. YNW Melly grew up in an environment of drugs, crime, and low living standards. His neighborhood was filled with anti-social groups, and YNW Melly also became connected with them. Music, on the other hand, provided him with solace. Eminem, Chris Brown, and Michael Jackson were some artists he looked up to while growing up. YNW Melly slowly started to gain fame by uploading his music on the internet. Singles in a mixtape titled “I Am You” did land him on the list of Florida’s upcoming outstanding rappers. .

9. Lil Pump

Also known as Gazzy Garcia, Lil Pump is one of the most famous members of the SoundCloud rap scene. Lil Pump is known for his sleek music and aggressive public image, in which he is frequently pictured using marijuana, behaviors that have sparked controversy. His hit single “Gucci Gang” raised him to international fame. The track peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum five times by the RIAA.

8. Sarah Paulson

Sarah Catherine Paulson is an American actress from Florida, best known for her roles in television shows such as “American Gothic” and “Jack and Jill.” Right after high school, she started her acting career. Her unique and fantastic performances in various films have earned her several awards, one of which is an Emmy. Sarah Paulson appeared in the popular drama film “12 Years a Slave” as a supporting character. The film was a smash hit; it earned three Oscar Awards.

7. Bella Thorne

Coming in at number seven on our list of our favourite celebrities from Florida is, Bella Thorne, popular for her portrayal of Ruthy Spivey in the TV series, “My Own Worst Enemy”. Being diagnosed with dyslexia did not stop her from starting her acting career at a younger age. In 2007, Bella Thorne blew up after being cast as Margaux Darling in the second season of the TV series “Dirty Sexy Money.”

6. Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i, professionally known as Roman Reigns, was born in Pensacola, Florida, and comes in at number six on our list of celebrities from Florida. He is among the best-known American wrestlers and a former professional gridiron football player. Roman Reigns is currently signed with WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand. He is now the WWE Universal Champion in his second reign, which is the title’s longest tenure. In addition to this, Roman Reigns has made appearances in the American action films “Countdown” and “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.”

5. Vince Carter

Number five on our list, Vince Carter, is a renowned professional basketball player. One of his famous sayings that sum up his life is, “I play some fighting games, but mostly I just play sports.” Vince is currently playing for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA). His exceptional dunking skills have won him a gold medal while representing the United States in the Summer Olympics.

4. Tom Petty

Tom Petty is a well-known name in the music industry. He is a talented songwriter and the lead member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. At the age of 10, Tom Petty met with the legendary singer Elvis Presley, and since then, he started to become interested in music. The band’s self-titled album was a huge success, becoming a hit in the UK and the US.

3. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison is recognized for taking a groundbreaking path in rock music. Morrison does well as the lead singer of his band “The Doors” and his singles and albums. In addition to being a talented songwriter and singer, Morrison is also a great author; he has written several books. Jim Morrison also composed poems, collected in an album; he is one of the best and most talented personalities to come out of Florida.

2. XXXTentacion

At number two on our list of our best celebrities from Florida is a famous American rapper known for his raw and daring style of music. Tupac Shakur and Papa Roach were some of the rappers that XXXTentacion looked up to as a child. By releasing snippets and full versions of his songs on SoundCloud, XXXTentacion was able to gain popularity. “Look At Me,” which was released in 2016 by the rapper, was a hit song. The track appeared on the US Billboard chart hit list.

1. Ariana Grande

Florida has produced some great talents, but Ariana Grande has to be the icing on the cake as far as singers go. Ariana Grande has made a name for herself worldwide for her singing prowess. Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Ariana is known for her four-octave vocal range, which has earned her tremendous acclaim. In addition to being one of the most successful singers globally, Ariana is also an actress. She was featured in the Nickelodeon TV series “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat.” Ariana Grande has won two Grammy Awards, one Bambi Award, one Brit Award, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards, and 26 Guinness World Records throughout her career.

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