10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rinna Joy

Indian actor Nivin Pauly is considered to be Malayalam movie industry’s superstar. The actor’s career really took off in 2012, but he’s been dominating the Malayalam niche since 2015. As soon as his career found the success it warranted, everything fell into place for the young actor, especially in his love life. Nivin Pauly married the love of his life, Rinna Joy, on August 28, 2010, and the two have been happily living the rest of their lives together ever since. Nivin Pauly is well known in the industry, but here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about his wife, Rinna Joy.

1. She met Nivin in college.

The couple met when they both attended the Federal Institute of Science and Technology. The two spent a lot of time together during that time, which was how they really got to know each other. They spent a lot of time visiting places, watching movies, and doing various things that young people normally do.

2. She’s very supportive.

Rinna was always supportive of Nivin Pauly’s dream of having an acting career. Even when Nivin quit his job to pursue this dream, Rinna was there to support him. Even when Nivin was unemployed for two years when he was trying to focus on his career, Rinna never used it against him but instead supported him still.

3. She was born in Kerala.

Rinna and Nivin now reside in Kochi, Kerala, and that’s actually Rinna’s hometown as well. Kochi is known for its many religious and architectural sites. It’s no doubt that the two decided to stay there and bring up their family there. Kochi is full of culture and is alive with a vibrant population.

4. She works in IT.

Given that Rinna went to school for B. Tech, it’s no surprise that she also works as an IT employee. The details of her employment are unknown at this point, which is understandable given that she’s the wife of a celebrity. However, it’s impressive that she still works considering what her husband can provide for her already.

5. She’s a mom of two.

Rinna has two children with Nivin. The eldest is their son, Dhaveedh Pauly, and their youngest is a girl, whose name is has just recently announced to be Rose Teresa. The girl was only born this year on May 25. It’s unknown whether the couple plans on having any more children.

6. She loves to read and sing.

If Rinna could have any spare time to do anything, she’d be sitting down with a good book in hand. Also, she sings any chance she gets. It’s something that Nivin finds endearing about his dear wife, but don’t expect Rinna to start a singing career any time soon. She loves being a mom way too much.

7. She identifies as Catholic.

Religion is an important part of Indian culture, and the same goes for Rinna and her family. Rinna comes from a Syrian Catholic Nasrani family, and the she actually married Nivin at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Aluva, Emakulam. Nivin himself comes from a Syro-Malabar Catholic Nasrani family.

8. She was top of her class.

Rinna Joy did love to read, and it was a given considering that she was top of her class. Nivin happened to fall in love with the smartest girl in the room, and he often wondered how someone like Rinna could ever fall for a guy such as himself.

9. She never officially dated Nivin.

Love has its mysteries after all. Although Rinna and Nivin never officially “dated” each other, there was a mutual understanding between the two that allowed them to bypass the awkward stages of love and just go straight to the part where they enjoyed each other’s company.

10. She helps Nivin with his roles.

Naturally, Rinna serves as Nivin’s sounding board when it comes to future roles and ideas for scripts. Rinna claims that she doesn’t know much about the film industry, but she uses her intuition to help Nivin as he needs. Ultimately, every single decision that Nivin has made about his career was his own. Rinna is simply there to be a pillar of strength for her husband anytime he needs her to be one.

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