10 Celebrities Who Sued Their Parents for Millions of Dollars

leighton meester

In America, the word “sue” is thrown around quite a bit, and it has nothing to do with the number of women named “Sue” being called by their friends and family. The honest truth is that we live in a sue-happy country in which everyone is looking to make a quick buck without actually working for it. Slip in the mall on a floor that was freshly mopped and labeled with a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign? The first thing people will ask is if you plan on suing. Have a bad experience at a restaurant? Why not sue? That’s what people expect you to do. But even then, most of us are not interested in suing our own family members. I mean, we can’t get much from them for being absentee parents when we were growing up or for damaging us for trying to use ‘cool’ lingo in front of our friends when we were teens. But some celebrities, however, can do just that. They’ve sued their parents (for reasons better than we can come up with, in most instances) and sometimes they even win. Read on to find out which celebs have sued their parents for millions.

Mischa Barton

She’s undergone some serious issues as of late, including being evicted from her home and suffering a mental breakdown. Much of that she blames on her mother, who was her manager for more than 20 years. She discovered in 2013 that her mother had been lying to her about her earnings from her jobs, keeping the difference for herself on top of the fee she charged her daughter for being her momager in the first place. She’s currently pending trial.

LeAnn Rimes

She alleged, when she was only 17, that her father stole several million dollars from her over the course of her career, and she had her mother help her sue him so that she would get her money back. The suit included her then-manager, accusing him and her father of taking money from her account and her businesses, and even allowing themselves loans with no interest over the course of many years. She’s since made up with her dad, and he even came to her wedding to Eddie Cibrian.

Leighton Meester

The former Gossip Girl star has an interesting life. She was born in jail where her mother was serving time for running drugs. She has a younger brother with severe medical issues, and she sued her mother after she found out her mother was using the $7500 a month Meester was sending her for medical care and expenses for her brother to get hair extensions, botox and other personal items for herself rather than on her brother, as she was supposed to.

Gary Coleman

His adoptive parents were taking advantage of his earnings and left him with very little when he was a famous actor. He sued them and was successful in the trial, and his parents were forced to pay him $1.3 million that they were accused of stealing from him over the years. His parents were allegedly taking his money and financing their own lifestyle while he was just a child, assuming he might never realize exactly what it is that they had done.

The Kardashian Sisters

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are livid over the fact that their stepmother sold personal items that belonged to their late father when she faced financial struggles. They’re suing her for a number of things, including selling false stories from an alleged journal their father kept detailing the fact that their mother was abusive and abandoned the children in the interest of having an affair. Though we’d say by how close they are with their mother than her abuse is not true and that she probably did not abandon her kids at any point.

Kobe Bryant

When you’re a millionaire and a famous basketball player, you probably haven’t the space or the ability to store your own belongings, so you ask your parents to keep them at their house. When they decide to auction them off for profit, however, that’s a problem. Bryant sued his parents for doing just that, but he was forced to allow them to sell off five items, worth approximately $500,000 regardless. His parents have since issued a public apology and even a public thanks for the lifestyle their son has provided for them over the years.

Ariel Winter

She’s the middle child and the genius on Modern Family but her personal life is in shambles. She’s accused her parents of abusing her both physically and emotionally and sued them successfully. She was granted legal rights to be removed from their care recently, and she’s happy to have control over her own fortune, which is well over a million dollars.

Billy Unger

The adorable Disney star is completely broke after his dad – also his manager – used all his earnings from his Disney career to impress a woman he was dating. He spent more than a half million of his son’s money by stealing it, in addition to charging him far more than the standard amount managers in the industry charge. He and his father are no longer on speaking terms, though his father has made several public announcements that he does love his son very much.

Aaron Carter

At 16, he sued his parents for millions after alleging that they stole more than $100,000 from him managing his music career. The family suffered some tragedy at the time, losing a daughter to a drug overdose at the same time Backstreet Boy older brother Nick Carter filed bankruptcy. The family has serious issues to deal with, and not all of them are monetary or even related to his finances or job.

Macaulay Culkin

When he was feeling mismanaged and taken advantage of at the age of 14, he sued his parents for legal emancipation and his $11 million fortune. He won and word on the street is that he hasn’t spoken to his parents since the legal proceedings were over.

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