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Rita Ora

Rita Ora is a British singer with an estimated net worth of $16 million. She was born on November 26, 1990 in Yugoslavia. Her mother is a psychiatrist and her father owns a pub. Her parents are Catholic and Muslim. She is the middle of three children. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Her parents are huge movie fans and chose to name their daughter after actress Rita Hayworth. She was not born in England, but she moved there from present day Kosovo when she was only one for political reasons. Her father, along with being a pub owner, is also an economist and the upheaval and mess in their former country of residence was too much for him to handle and he wanted peace for his family. That is how they ended up in West London.

From the time she was a little girl, Rita Ora always loved to perform. Singing was something that came second nature to her and she made the decision to attend a school that was for the performing arts following the end up her primary school career. However, she never really took her singing career seriously as a child other than wanting to develop it. She might have thought about becoming a performer at some point, but she had no idea just where her talents would take her as she got a bit older. When she was only 17, she began performing at open mic nights in and around London. Her first real taste of fame was when she was given the chance to appear on a track belonging to Craig David called “Awkward,” and from there she was hooked.

She mostly did appearances in songs with more famous singers, but she eventually began to work more on her own. She tried out for a reality singing competition in England but decided not to go through with it. She was not ready at the time. It wasn’t until 2011 when she was working hard to debut her first album with the help of YouTube that she became more famous than ever. She was noticed by DJ Fresh and given the opportunity to appear in a song he was producing. She did, and it went straight to number one in England, making her an instant star. From there, her career only got brighter as her music became more popular and she became one of the most beloved singers in England. She eventually worked her way over to the U.S. Her American collaborations began to make her an even bigger name, and she’s been killing it ever since.

Rita Ora’s personal life is a bit more delicate. She doesn’t make a huge deal of her relationships, but she did date Calvin Harris for a year, Richard Hilfiger for a year and she even dated Lewis Hamilton in 2016. There are rumors she’s been seen with Chris Martin, but so far no relationship has developed out of that one. She will continue to work on her music and focus on her own career rather than her personal life.

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