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Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel is a Canadian comedian and television star with an estimated net worth of $40 million. He was born on November 29, 1955 in Toronto. His father was a real estate agent and a lighting manufacturer, and he was raised in a devoutly Jewish household. He attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto for high school but was expelled for impersonating a subcontractor of the school. Once expelled, he began to work as a carpet salesperson. He eventually realized that he would do a better job if he ran his own business, so he began his own carpet sales business. He did well, but he always had a thing for comedy and wanted to take part in that business.

It turns out that during a weeklong comedy stint in Toronto, fans really loved Howie Mandel. That was in 1978. He was so well-received by the people who showed up for the show that he decided it was time to work on a full time comedy career and forgo the carpet business. That’s when he made a trip to LA to try out a stint at The Comedy Store. He was so hilarious that they asked him to stay and work there most every night. It was the beginning of a career that would make him quite famous, hilariously well-known and very wealthy. It was there that many people in the comedy and television industry began to recognize him and book him for late night shows, television specials and more, and his career took off.

Throughout his decades-long career, he has appeared in dozens of movies, television shows and even game shows. He works as a judge on reality television, he’s guest-starred as a talk show host, he’s been a game show host and he has done just about anything and everything a person can do on television. He might be well-known for his comedy and his funny nature, but he’s also just as well-known for his mysophobia. He suffers from a fear of germs and will not touch other people. He’s famous for his elbow and fist bumps, but does not like to touch anyone – even other famous people he knows quite well. His phobia is so bad that he built a small house in his backyard that he lives in anytime someone in his family is ill.

Howie Mandel met his wife, Terry, in high school. They began dating then, got married in 1980 and have three kids. They have two daughters and one son, and so far they have no grandchildren. He’s an author, he’s got a start on the walk of fame in Hollywood, and he works regularly. There is rarely is a time when he does not have a project in the works and when he is not doing something worthwhile with his career. He has no desire to retire anytime in the near future, and he plans on continuing his career as long as possible, which will only increase his net worth.

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