Sarah Roemer: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

While the latest news of Sarah Roemer is the adorable Instagram posted with her husband’s fingers holding their new daughter’s fingers, Sarah has been making news starring in great films for years. Born Sarah Christine Roemer in August 1984, she started her career with modeling, and then transitioned into significant roles in films. Many recognize her from her part in the thriller Disturbia, as Ashley Carlson, where she starring as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest. Her interest in dramas and thrillers brought her to portray other fascinating characters in Locked In and Waking Madison. She also was Andy, daughter to Parker Wilson, played by Richard Gere in the drama Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, which was a happy role due to her now famous love of dogs. Her filmography is an impressive list of successful films and TV series. Sarah also has a great sense of humor and fun. Here’s things to know about fabulous Sarah:

One. She was “dying to play” the girl in Disturbia.

She thought the script was fantastic. She really wanted to work with the director, and once she had the chance to meet Shia, that sealed it for her. She started on the role when she returned from her work in Japan on The Grudge 2.

She enjoyed the improvisation and playing with character that took place on the set for Disturbia. She believed that one of the film’s greatest attractions was its romantic, sweet, and playful moments compared with all the thriller moments at its end.

Two. She was definitely not a cheerleader.

While interviewing for Fired Up she said there was cheerleading at her high school, but she wasn’t one of them. She admitted that she used to make fun of them. But that all ended after she discovered how much choreography is required for cheerleading. She changed her mind about cheerleading after she did her own cheerleading stunts. She had completed extensive training in cheerleader boot camp to prepare for her role in Fired Up. She also said that co-star Nicholas D’Agosto caught her with his face one time. He flung her up in the air and she knocked him out. She said he was a little wobbly for a sec, but he pulled through.

Three. She hoped there would be a “million more seasons” of Chosen because she loves thrillers and action films.

Working on Crackle’s Chosen was a real treat for her because it was intense. She enjoys things that affect her long after experiencing them. Filming Chosen made her realize that there were parts of herself that she didn’t really know existed.

Four. She got empty hotel shampoo bottles in her Christmas stocking one year.

She thought it was the most interesting gift she has ever received. Her mother did it as a huge joke. Sarah, in thinking back about the surprise, said it might have been one of the weirdest gifts ever.

Five. She named Johnny Depp and Zac Efron as the actors who would perfectly portray her dog’s lives in a movie.

She was interviewed for Modern Dog magazine, and the question was posed about which actors she would choose if a movie was made about their lives. For Clyde, she chose Depp for two reasons: Clyde doesn’t talk much but she thinks that he must have “a lot of inner dialogue”. For Dylan, she chose Efron, because of Dylan’s crowd pleasing ways. Both dogs accompanied her while she was filming Fired Up, and she gave both doggie cupcakes from the now famous Los Angeles cupcake store, Sprinkles. At the time, her childhood pet, Oreo was also living with her, and spoiled by a collar with lots of bling, purchased by Sarah’s mom.

Six. A female casting director discovered her.

Roemer’s manager was also a woman, and for Sarah, this was important. She had been approached by many men in Hollywood, never knowing for certain if their discoveries and offers were legitimate. She liked the idea that a woman approached her, decided to trust her, arranged for an office appointment, and began auditioning for roles within a short time after meeting.

Seven. A fly in her eye caused her most embarrassing moment.

She had been on set, filming for hours. The entire cast and crew had just one simple scene left to film, and they all wanted to go home. She joked that she would do the scene in one take. Someone shouted “Action!” and Los Angeles’ only fly flew into her eye. She couldn’t get rid of it. What should have been a short shot took forever.

Eight. The Sydney Harbor fireworks on New Year’s Eve were one of the “coolest things” she ever saw.

She was invited to Sydney by her model friend Kim Greenway. She said the light from the fireworks filled up the whole sky. She’d never seen something so incredible before. During her vacation there, she felt that Sydney was very much like San Diego. She laughingly mentioned that the Australian accents were the only thing which was different, but she loved it there. Her vacation lasted two and a half weeks. She said she ate the best avocados outside of California there, and she also drank a lot of drinks made with carrots and oranges, because the fruit was so excellent. Her favorite vacation memory was her visit to the Taronga Zoo, which she loved.

Nine. The Rolling Stone’s Emotional Rescue was her favorite dance song when she was young.

She admitted that her favorites always change, but Emotional Rescue was one she loves. She’s a music fan with plenty of different artists on her ipod. She likes The Beatles, Fiona Apple and David Bowie. She’ll also tell you that there’s no one else in California who loves country, and she has a lot of music which features country artists on her ipod. She hates hearing people tell her that they listen to everything except country.

Ten. She married Chad Michael Murray after dating him for just 5 months.

They met in 2014. The couple have two children. Their son was born first in May of 2015. Their daughter was born second in 2017. In their plan to keep their children’s lives private, they do not mention their children’s names in public, though they have posted selected photographs of the family on social media.

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