The Five Greatest Mob Wives Cast Members of All-Time

Mob Wives

Mob Wives is a show that might be a little bit scary for some and a lot entertaining for others. The idea that the women featured on this show are girlfriends, daughters, nieces and granddaughters of men who were part of the mob at some point, in jail for their heinous crimes or are even still rumored to be part of the mob life is scary. It’s actually kind of terrifying for those of us who know very little about the mob. All we know is that these are women who have big personalities, big opinions and they are never wrong.

The women on this show wear a lot of makeup, they use a lot of inappropriate language and they don’t actually seem to care in the least if people love them, hate them or even like them at all. I guess that’s pretty nice about being these ladies; they have back up if they need it and they are straight up happy to live the ‘gangsta’ lifestyle in their hometowns and with their crew. Of course, the cast has changed dramatically over the past few years, showing us some goodbyes and some hellos. However, we thought we might break it down for you and tell you which of the wives have been the best ones ever to appear on the show – in no particular order

Big Ang

She’s not one of the original wives, but she did show up in the second season to ruffle some feathers. Angela “Big Ang” Raiola is a woman with a big opinion and an even bigger personality. She’s a former bar owner, she is the niece of the late Salvatore Lombardi, who is known by his street name “Sally Dogs,” and that makes her part of the Genovese crime family. He was the captain of this family, and that makes her mobster royalty as far as people who live in this world and partake in this lifestyle are concerned. She’s someone who knows that she’s important, doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and really has a huge obsession with success. We kind of think she is the best mob wife around, and that she will go down in history as the most famous of them all.

Renee Graziano

If you want to go hardcore in the mob world, you want to go with Renee Graziano. Not only does she claim a bit of fame for the show as a star, but her sister is actually the one who created and produced the show for television viewers to watch. Renee and her sister, Jennifer Graziano, are the daughters of the former consigliere of the Bonanno crime family. Their father spent most of the past two decades serving time in jail for many crimes, including attempted murder, murder, racketeering and plenty of other issues such as extortion. His daughter is a hardcore woman with big thoughts and a big personality, and she’s one of our favorite of the wives.

Carla Facciolo

This Brooklyn native has ties to the crime family, and she’s one of the original ladies on the show. She has not lived much of her life with her father since he spent much of his in prison after she was born, but that didn’t matter to her as she grew up to be quite a lover of the lifestyle her father’s business afforded her. She decided that she no longer wanted to be a part of the mob life when she grew up, but she ended up married to a man who spent years in prison thanks to his mobster ways. She has twin sons, but that does not stop her from going out and having more fun than someone with kids should be having, and that’s her business. Her father is the late Louis Facciolo, “Louie” as he was known in the Gambino Crime Family.

Drita D’Avanzo

We love her because she is so controversial. We’re not sure about her other family members, but we know that her husband Lee is part of the Colombo and Bonanno crime families, and he has been in and out of prison most all of their marriage. She was chosen to be one of the wives on the show because she is tied to him, and they have a life together. However, he was in prison most of her filming and she was dating other men after she learned that he cheated on her with another woman – probably more than one. She dated a man for three years until her husband found out and had him removed from her life, and then she and her husband got back together after he was allegedly released in 2013. The best part is that she is rumored to have stolen him from Karen Gravano, which is why we love these two on the show.

They were allegedly childhood friends, and Karen was with Lee for around 7 years before Drita and Lee got together. Karen likes to say Drita took him, and Drita likes to say that Karen broke up with him and then moved to Arizona and that’s when she began dating him. I guess we will never know.

Karen Gravano

She’s probably the wife with the most interesting family, and that makes her awesome. Her father is Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, an underboss for the Gambino crime family. He became an FBI informant many years ago and was part of the deal that took down John Gotti, one of the most famous mobsters in the world. He’s still in prison, and not expected to be released anytime soon though it was speculated he would be at any point in time. Her father is accused of being the one in charge of killing her mother’s brother, and it’s a huge deal in their family.

Karen loves to cause problems among the women, particularly with Drita; whom she believes stole her man back in the day despite the fact that he and Drita have two kids together and are happily married and have been for more than 15 years.

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