There is Going to Be Kanye West Currency Soon

"Runaway" New York Premiere

You would have to be seriously out of the loop to not know about bitcoin right now. The virtual currency people are using to help fund illegal transactions around the web. It is as good as paper money, but is untraceable. There are multiple alternatives to bitcoin popping up all around the web right now. Well, guess what is set to hit next? Kanye West currency. Relax, though, the artist has nothing to do with it, and it sounds like me may just be getting trolled.

Seriously, if this news about Kanye West currency was not broken on the BBC, I probably wouldn’t even have reported it. The thing is, BBC would not be running with some fake lead. Seems some serious entrepreneur has developed “COINye West.” A form of virtual currency that can be used just like bitcoins are used. There is one thing I am missing in all of this. Why? For the life of me, I cannot fathom why adding Kanye West’s name to this helps it at all, in any way. Is there an element of the story I am missing?

No. truthfully, it is just someone using a name to try to cash in on a growing trend. If you want to know why someone is doing this, just look at how much the bitcoin stock is worth right now, and that tells you why.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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