Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Arguing Over Whether to Have a Baby

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The National Enquirer is making a living posting absurd stories about Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods. They were back at it again this week with a story about Woods and Vonn that is almost impossible to believe.. or is it? According to the tabloid,

“The glamour couple’s relationship is going through a rough patch because dad-of-two Tiger is dead-set against having more children, and he doesn’t want any part of Lindsey’s dysfunctional family.”

It may be a tough time for the couple. Vonn recently pulled out of the Winter Olympics because of injury, which you can be sure isn’t making her happy. The couple adopted a dog together to make Vonn feel better, but perhaps the conversation quickly switched to children.

Now we can’t say that the tabloid is right, but they could be on to something. Vonn’s skiing career could be coming to an end and she’s at an age where she wants to start planning the rest of her life. It’s not hard to see that Woods and Vonn could be on different pages going forward. Woods already has two kids and hasn’t expressed any desire to have more.

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