Today is Officially Bob Marley Day… Toronto

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This story is just insane enough to be awesome. I guess I should start with what we all are thinking. Did anyone actually know it was Bob Marley day? Well, there is some interesting fine print to go along with it. First of all, it is only Bob Marley day in Toronto. Oh, and you know who the well publicized Mayor of Toronto is, right? Why, it is none other than Rob Ford. Man, this story keeps getting better and better.

Before I tackle the obvious, how about we talk about this for a second. I, for one, think a Bob Marley day would do this world some good. All Bob Marley preached was peace, love, and unity. He understood about hard work and had some amazing spiritual that is hard not to get swept up in. A day of peace would do this world some good.

BUT, we all know what everyone is focusing on. That this was Rob Ford’s idea. Thing is, isn’t the guy allowed to have one or two good ideas among his recent myriad of bad choices? I, personally, think so. On top of that, I think this is one of those choices. The reason is not as random as you all think, either. Today is actually Bob Marley’s birthday. The genius legend was born on this date, way back in 1945. Ford just wants the world to stop for a second and realize the huge impact Marley had on not just music, but politics, and the world.

This lead to our next (rather dicey) point. Just how does one properly celebrate Bob Marley day? Well, I think we have a few ideas, but we will just leave that up to the imaginations of our colorful readers. Either way, happy unofficial Bob Marley day to all!

One love!

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