Is Tom Cruise Going to Have a Cameo Role in Star Wars?

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I am going to start this off by saying I hope it isn’t true.I know that seems mean and I try to stay unbiased but keep Tom Cruise away from Star Wars.  The bad news is, Tom Cruise already met with J.J. Abrams, and some are looking at this as Tom may be getting his mitts on the new series. Listen, first off, I need to relax. So far, everything leaking out about the movie seems like it is heading in the right direction, and I have to assume this won’t change that.

All we know for a fact is that Tom Cruise met J.J. Abrams for dinner while he is filming Star Wars. Let us not forget they worked on A Mission Impossible together and are supposedly friends. It could have just been a friend asking another friend how the movie was going. Of course, nothing is ever that simple in Hollywoodland, right?

Let it be known right now, the only way I will accept Tom Cruise in any Star Wars movie is if he is covered in makeup and I do not know (or am distracted) by the fact that it is Tom Cruise. Other than that, I am pleading with J.J. Please do not put Mr. Scientology into your movie about space. That will kick the franchise in the teeth.

Plus, he has Edge of Tomorrow and Oblivion. In other words, Tom Cruise and Science Fiction don’t work well together (outside of Minority Report). I guess we just gotta wait and see what happens next in a galaxy far, far away.

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