Once Upon A Time’s Elsa is Spotted in Vancouver


Frozen is the biggest movie of the year (and last year…and probably ever in the eyes of little girls everywhere). Frozen is so hot right now that everyone is talking about it. Producers and writers at ABC have even taken note of Frozen’s popularity and have introduced the three main characters of the film to the upcoming season of “Once Upon a Time,” in the fall. Earlier this year, the show announced that they’d cast their new characters, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff, and it appears that the real life Elsa is now on set and working.

Georgina Haig is the new Queen Elsa. She was once a part of the cast of Fringe, and she’s now on set in Vancouver, shooting scenes in her long blonde braid and her shimmery blue gown. The actress was snapped in a few photos this week on the Once Upon a Time set in Vancouver. The actress had the same blonde braid, the same sad eyebrows and the same blue gown as her animated counterpart.

Producers have made several statements to the fact that they plan on making sure the new cast members are true to their animated counterparts. Elsa will remain true to character. What’s uncertain, however, is whether or not Haig’s Elsa will remain true to her personality at the beginning of the movie or the end when she’s carefree and happy, and no longer afraid of what she might do to her loved ones. Those who watch the show know that the season premier should be a good one, but there’s certainly going to be a few new viewers now that Disney’s new most popular princess is on the scene.

The show will premier in September, with the new cast members making their debut in their new roles, though more information and secrets about the show are sure to come as excitement mounts and speculation continues.

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

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