What Does Usher’s Ex, Tameka Raymond, Have to Say on Twitter?

tameka foster

Tameka Raymond is much better known as Tameka Foster, stylist to some of the biggest musicians in the world. She’s styled Jay-Z, Usher and even Lauryn Hill, but she only married one of those. She is the ex-wife of superstar crooner Usher, and she’s been in the news more this year than she has since her marriage and divorce from Usher. You might know her more now as an “Atlanta Ex” from the reality show in which she stars alongside several other women who were once married to famous men in and around the Atlanta area. She’s the mother of five, though she tragically lost a son in 2012 when he was involved in a jet ski accident which resulted in him being declared brain dead and eventually losing his life. Her divorce from Usher was not exactly amicable, and she’s been outspoken as to her feelings on the matter, but nothing is as interesting in her life as reading Tameka Raymond’s twitter page and seeing what she has to say about things going on in her life. Because even though she’s been the target of an alleged inappropriate tape, some unfortunate occurrences, she lost her son, her husband divorced her and she’s been a sort of target for many people, she still has a great attitude, and we dig that.

We wouldn’t hate that, either. When life hands you a beautiful view from your office, you call it a day with a big thank you and some enjoyment.

Well, now, if that’s not something truly inspirational and beautiful, I just don’t know what is. What a lovely thought.

She brings up a good point; life is not all about attaining perfection. It’s about enjoyment and love and success and overcoming the things life throws your way so that you can triumph and succeed, and eventually overcome all of it.

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