Vince Vaughn in Talks to Star in Hilarious New Comedy Film

Vince Vaughn

Columbia Pictures and Michael Dowse are working on a new comedy called “The Politician,” and they’re looking at Vince Vaughn to play the main character. According to Hollywood movie executives, the script for the movie was a hot one, and it ended up in a bidding war in which Sony executives eventually won. If talks go any further, the hilarious actor will star as a governor who has fallen from grace after he ends up caught in a bit of a scandal that involves the oldest profession in the book.

After he is caught with his new female friends, the politician has to go on the run with some less-than-ideal people from the US Marshals office and the FBI. Unfortunately, he’s kidnapped from right under their noses. The comedy already has a rating of “R” and it’s said to be one of the most hilarious screenplays ever written.

Of course, with Seth Rogen as a producer the movie will have to be hilarious. Based on his acting abilities and his skills when it comes to being a fast-talking guy who is good at negotiating and sweet-talking his way into any situation (think Wedding Crashers), this sounds like the kind of role that was made specifically for Vaughn. At the moment, Vaughn is keeping busy with other ventures. He’s going to appear in the second season of “True Detective,” and he’s just finished filming a movie called “Term Life,” which is a thriller, a departure from his usual roles as the funny lead character.

Fans are excited to see Vaughn in a bit of a different role, though they’re undoubtedly hoping he will secure the role as the politician in the new movie named after the title character. Sony is expected to make an announcement sometime in the coming weeks.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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