10 Reasons Why You Should be a Gigi Hadid Instagram Follower

gigi hadid

Let’s face it, Gigi Hadid might be the most beautiful young woman on the planet. She not only seems like she has a big heart and a kind personality, she’s also drop-dead gorgeous. She clearly gets her good looks from her supermodel mother, Yolanda Hadid – formerly Yolanda Foster – and she’s not ashamed of showing them off. She was just a little girl on reality television a few years ago, and there was a moment she mentioned her to mother she’d like to pursue a modeling career. Her mother advised her that while she appreciated her daughter’s desire to model, she had to finish school first and put it first until she was finished.

After taking her mother’s advice, the exceptionally gorgeous Gigi Hadid decided it was time for her to take the world by storm. She did. She is the biggest IT girl of the moment, and she is everywhere. Say that her mother and her father helped her become a famous model all you want – we don’t care. For one, why not use your connections when you have them? It is, after all, all about who you know and not what you know. Secondly, she’s so insanely gorgeous and good at what she does, she’d have made it anyway.

You can’t be mad at that. If you are not following Gigi Hadid on Instagram yet, we have to assume it’s because you aren’t interested in seeing her amazing life in comparison to your own. Why not follow her for the goals? She’s inspirational, and we love it.

business goals

For Business Goals

She’s barely an adult, and she’s already business partners with one of the most famous fashion designers in the entire world. Gigi Hadid has been working with Tommy Hilfiger on a line for more than a year now. If she can do that, you can do it, too.

travel goals

For Travel Goals

I mean, who doesn’t want to have to go to Europe to work with Tommy Hilfiger? Or to work at all in general? It’s a nice travel goal, so get to making it your own goal.

body goals

For Body Goals

All I can say is that I was going to have a bagel, and then I decided I’d just have an apple. If you want serious body goals, Gigi Hadid is the girl to go to. She’s insane.


Because She’s A Mermaid

May we just point out that we are all mermaids on the inside? We all have a little mermaid in us, and we love that she took hers to the streets for a fashion editorial. We love it.

for a good laugh

For A Good Laugh

Hot dogs, long legs, legs for days; all the same. We know that these are the classic shots, and we love that she can make fun of herself in the process. She’s a funny girl, and we love her self-deprecating humor.

For good goals

For Food Goals

I don’t care for Nutella, and I realize that makes me the only person in the world who doesn’t. I’m weird; I know. However, I do love breadsticks, so I could hang out on Gigi Hadid’s Instagram feed all day long for some breadsticks. If only they came out of my app.

business casual

For A Little Business Casual Inspiration

If you’re looking for something fresh to wear to the office, we have to recommend anything and everything in this shot. Also, have we mentioned that Gigi Hadid has legs for days? She’s just gorgeous, and we cannot get over it.


For A Reminder That Red is Always In

Red lips and red nails are classic; and I wish more people would remember that. I love that she’s young and not afraid to reach for the classics so she can be even more of a superstar. If you’re ever unsure whether or not you can pull off bold red, just check out Gigi’s Instagram page.

squad goals

For Squad Goals

Listen, your friends are amazing and all, but they’re not Taylor Swift and Blake Lively and all the other famous faces in this photo. What a group of young women. They say that you become most like the people you spend the most time with, and it seems that these girls have taken that to heart.

for dopplegangers

For Mom Goals

I don’t even know if this is Yolanda or Gigi, but the fact of the matter is that it could actually be either of them. They are seriously like dopplegangers. If you’re going to look like your mom, you should only hope that your mom is Yolanda Hadid.

Photo by Getty Images

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